Palo Alto market is the new trend on street markets in Barcelona that combines the vibe of the street with the artsy and creative Barcelona. One of the things that I like the most about the market apart from the content and style is the location. Palo alto is actually the name of a block where there are 19 artistic studios located in an old factory from XIX century that is overlooking a garden.

What is Palo Alto market?

Palo Alto is a market that started in 2014 in the street but sophisticated, based in the concept of street market as popular as it is but full of creativity following the essence of the city of Barcelona. The market is located in an old factory in Poblenou area that is nowadays a study and artisan space of designers and artists.

The market is full of innovative ideas, objects that are worth recycling and taking a second used, alternative projects and little initiatives all in the same space. You can buy art, vintage, hand-made, street food, there is music, street performances and much more.

When is Palo Alto market opened?

Every first weekend of the month, there is a Palo Alto monthly located in the same building, opened Saturday and Sunday. 

For more information you can visit their Palo Alto market website.