Papabubble is a candy shop like no other in Barcelona, located in the Gothic area it was born on 2004. A little shop that was born with the objective to make the magic of artisan candy come back. It is a true experience to get into the shop as most of the times you can see how they create their candies right in front of you, you can see how they work the material.

They have a wide selection of flavours in the candies they sell and they have different shapes and types. You can get lollipops, sweets with a pillow shape, a round shape or even order your own candies with the shape and flavour you want, and you can order even a logo or something written on them.

Papabubble produces their candy one by one, the old way and the final product is just amazing! If you are a candy lover, this is your place. It is incredible to see right in front of you a candy master working the candy paste with such artsy hands. Tasting recently made candy is the best!!!

My favorite flavours are: cerise, kiwi and watermelon, they also have amazing mango ones. You will need to try a bunch to decide what is your choice.

Have a look at the video below to see the production process that is done in the very same shop and while visiting the place you can enjoy and watch the process, and if you wait until the end, taste the candy right out from the master's hands!

The easiest way to get there is to get off at the L4 metro station
Barceloneta and then walk towards Carrer Ample