Parking pizza is a new pizza bar opened in Barcelona, it is an informal place, shared tables, cardboard stools that open up and you can place your belongings inside to have all your things in the same place.

They have a short menu of choices, starters that are between 6 and 9 euros, salads for 8 euros and the pizzas start at 10 euros up to 15 euros per pizza the most expensive one. If you go there, pizza is the king, so don't order something else as a main dish, being there I saw tables ordering only salads or a starter, it is a pitty as their incredible product is the pizza with no doubt.

We ordered burrata as a starter and I have to say that the quality was very good, a creamy fresh burrata, very tasty. Starters from what we could taste are of very good quality and there is thought put into them but the pizza is supreme.

We ordered a truffle pizza number 9 and a number 4 with pesto and tomatoes, all their pizzas are done with fresh mozzarella and this one of the main differences with other places. The dough is thin but has enough structure to hold it together, sometimes it is that thin that there is no good way to take a piece and don't end up with a Dalí painting of pizza in your hands. From number 9 and 4 what I liked te most was number 9, I am a truffle freak and the pizza had a nice amount of truffle with the creamy egg on top and the fresh mozzarella, it was yummy!!

truffle parking pizza

It is interesting to mention that they have a nice selection of beverages, conventional and artisan beers, juices and traditional and natural wines too. If you order a pizza and a drink you will be more than full, but if you go with a big empty space in the stomach, go fo a shared starter that it won't disappoint you.

I really liked the quality of food, is a pity though the way they have set up the restaurant, at least where we were seated it was uncomfortable as you couldn't even put your legs inside the table, so we were eating in a strange position, not straight looking at your dish. As there are stools you can't have your back resting and having to put your stuff inside the stool is also an issue as you need to take everything you need out otherwise you need to get up, open the stool and pick up whatever you need and most likely bothering your neighbours in the process.

If they put chairs I would have nothing to say on the setup, the place gets full easily so go there early, we were there at around 20:20h and it was already very full with some tables left. If you want to get sure to have a seat be there when they open at 20h or you can also order your pizzas to take away, it is a nice option as you can enjoy them from home.

I would recommend the place as the quality of the food is very good, but be prepared for the stool setup.

Parking Pizza
Carrer de Londres, 98, 08036 Barcelona 93 633 96 45.
Opening times: from Tuesdays to Saturdays 13h to 16h and 20h to 23h. 
Fridays and Saturday up to 00.00. Sundays only opened from 13h to 16h.