Peratallada is a village that seems taken out from a fairy tale, with its medieval streets, pebbles in the floor and stone houses. Peratallada is located in Girona area, and the whole town is a considered a historical and artistic complex as it has a lot of buildings of medieval architecture.

The town keep al its old feudal looking, you can still see the fortress around the town and the moat that is present in all the perimeter that was dug in the rock.

The Peratallada castle is probably one of the most famous buildings in town, it was built on the site of a former progress and it dates back from XI century. There are constructions remaining from different periods which makes this castle very interesting.

The most beautiful Catalan town

If there is such a thing of the most beautiful town in an area, Peratallada would be with no doubt the most beautiful town in Catalonia due to its medieval streets and its authenticity as if you were walking through the centuries.

Peratallada streets are like a maze, its castle standing just like a fairy tale, for me is a must stop if you are around Empordà are, it reminds me a bit of the Tuscany in Italy with plants hanging from balconies and climbing up walls.

The access door of the complex is called " El Portal de la Verge" and it gives access to the town. The moat that circles the perimeter had enough space to avoid assaults and attacks to the town to Peratallada fortress as the access was through a drawbridge that doesn't exist nowadays.

Peratallada means literally cut rock, it is easy to see that the rock in town was cut perfectly to be used in the architecture of the buildings.

Walking around town you will realize that you are walking through pebbles that look exactly the same as what it was 5 centuries ago although now there is no pee or poo running through the streets as it used to happen in medieval times.

With no doubt, Peratallada has been able to preserve its medieval essence and even with new constructions they have preserved the architectural balance as nothing seems out of place.

It is incredible how this town seems to take pictures of himself, there is no much effort to find hidden treasures, little alleys, stone houses with beautiful flowers and plants decorating the façade or even cute shops of artisans spread all around. 

The centre of town is Plaça de les Voltes, an open square vaulted that is the most typical picture in Peratallada. You will find a wide variety of restaurants and artisan shops in the square. 

When we visited we didn't stop to eat so I cannot recommend you from my own experience but they say that Les Coques del Psss, has a tasting menu with typical Catalan products and also Bonay restaurant is one of the oldest running from 1936 and is full with frequent clients.

The Peratallada Palace-Castle in the same complex, has its tower that can be seen perfectly if you are standing in Plaça del Castell. The castle can be visited and you can see it from the inside, the most famous room in the castle is what is called Aula Mayor where the lord imposed his justice.

There is a tourist office in town, if you want to gather information before starting the visit of planing the day in Peratallada, it might be a good stop to gather leaflets or advice depending on what you plan to do.

One thing that you will notice while walking through Peratallada is that due to the buildings made of stone and also the pebble floor as well as the plants around the buildings and in the façades is that the temperature is chilly in town. It is a good spot to enjoy the breeze and the old stone walls keep the heat away, good to know on a hot summer day.


What to do around Peratallada area?

Peratallada is located in Baix Empordà and there are many tourist attractions nearby and towns worth a visit, one of the most famous ones in the surroundings is Pals.

We visited Peratallada as part of our sightseeing before going to  La Pera town to a concert of La Locomotora negra, Costa Brava area in summer is famous for its music festivals in different towns that offer a wide variety of summer festivals to enjoy.

Peratallada is just 30 minutes far from Girona city where you have plenty of things to do, discovering Game of Thrones season 6 scenarios in Girona, Girona and the jews and much more...

Begur is also a 30-minute drive from Peratallada and you know how much I like its amazing beaches in Begur, Aiguablava being my favorite for snorkeling and to have a nice paella by the sea in Toc al Mar restaurant.

Monells, is a nice stone town as well where the movie "Ocho apellidos catalanes" was filmed, and 5 minutes from Peratallada you can visit as well the remainings of an iberian village in Ullastret.

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