Plaça Reial is a beautiful square in the Gothic area, literally called the Royal square. There is a nice atmosphere in the square surrounded by bars and restaurants with a fountain in the middle and surrounded by palm trees.

Is a place of gathering at night as there are many clubs and discotheques around such as Karma, Jamboree and Sidecar, it is a vibrant spot at night and normally the age trend is people around their 30s.

In 1835 the square did not exist as it was occupied by a Capuchin convent but after many religious buildings disappeared in Barcelona it left a huge vacant spot. Few years later the square was built by Francesc Molina, it was supposed to have a statue of the king of the time, King Ferdinand VII but it never happened and in the end the fountain is what was placed in the middle of the square.

There are also two street lamps on both sides of the fountain that were placed in the square on 1879and  believe it or not were designed by a young Antoni Gaudí. 

It is a very special square because of the porticoes and echoes a time where important families in Barcelona lived in there giving the square a luxurious appearance. Nowadays, though, it is not a posh spot but more a bohemian kind of atmosphere and with a great nightlife too due to the clubs that surround the square.

Disclaimer: Plaça Reial picture by Serge Melki