What if you could visit all Spain in the same place? 

Well, this is possible in Barcelona in Poble Espanyol. Poble Espanyol gathers in the same place reproductions of buildings from places all over Spain in Barcelona. The story of Poble Espanyol starts in the International Exhibition in 1929, they decided to built this place a representation of architecture and artisans of all over the country. The first thought was to demolish the building after the event, but they decided to keep it. In Poble Espanyol, there are representations of buildings and culture from all Spain, real buildings reproduced in there.

The authors went through the country to take pictures and paintings of the buildings so they could built reproductions in Barcelona, in Montjuic. In total, they visited more than 600 towns and cities. It is a village in the middle of Barcelona, there are 117 buildings, streets and squares, all reproduced to scale.

The idea was made life by Puig i Cadafalch with help of other architects, Poble Espanyol was built in thirteen months. Although it was supposed to be demolished after the Exhibition we are lucky that it wasn't so we can enjoy this open-air museum in Barcelona.

It is a fantastic opportunity to discover the architecture from all over Spain, there is information in every building and you have the chance to get an audio guide to listen to the information in every monument.

There are loads of shops, artisans sell their goodies in their shops inside the Poble Espanyol. Some of the artisans show how they work with different materials, for example blown glass can be seen in there.

You need to pay a visit to this place, sometimes it might be forgotten as it is in the up part of Barcelona, not very near the city center, but if you have some time in Barcelona you need to get there and go around!

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