I wanted to read a guide about Catalonia in a different point of view, as a Catalan I might know most of the touristy places and tips and tricks of all these normal guides. So I wanted to go extra mile and find something different. My first contact on Powerful Places started at TBEX –travel blogger meeting in Girona-, when I met Elyn and Gary, the authors, and we talked about our passion for travel guides and travel books.

They challenged me to read his guide on Catalonia from a local point of view and so I did. I have to say first of all that I loved the intro, it made me feel proud of Catalonia to be able to transfer how we feel our territory to the foreigners. I thought the book introduction it is very much the description I will do of my own place, I think describing things as a local it is a very good start.

Powerful places

Powerful places guides are a different kind of guides, it is not a list of must go places plenty of pictures and routes. It is about powerful places, you should be asking yourself what is a Powerful place. I wondered the same thing while reading the guide.

Have you ever felt that in some places you felt something different or felt that you interacted with the place itself? Elyn and Gary open our eyes to what a powerful place is.

Power places is about feeling the energy of a place itself, humans have used some locations for offerings, ceremonies or to built temples and stone monuments.

The feeling that a place is powerful can be in many forms, it can be a very strong feeling or a light one, but definitely there has to be a feeling or sensation of that energy.

The land has undiscovered features underneath such as the cracks on the earth, energy vortices, underground water lines etc… Our ancestors used these energies along with geometry to build sacred places and constructions in the right place. Using pendulums for example, you can locate these underground features –water lines, cracks on earth etc…- with accuracy.

It is an unusual guide, if you are looking for practical info on what to do in Barcelona, this is not your guide. Is a guide of exploring Catalonia, hidden stone circles in the forest, monasteries and saints in the mountain, beautiful landscapes and places full of identity and some of them I didn't even know they existed so it is a discovery for locals and a different way of seeing Catalonia for sure.

My Powerful Places in Catalonia are: 

Montserrat is one of the stars of powerful places, almost every Catalan has been there at least once in their life, is a monastery up in the hill for Saint Montserrat -a black looking virign- many women are called Montserrat in Catalunya, my mum for example. 

Cap de Creus is an incredible place full of misteries and history ruins through its veins, my favorite power place is with no doubt the Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery, incredible views and very good vibe inside its walls.

Girona has a special feeling for me, is a place full of history, in their stone pavement, the river, the medieval walls, the cathedral. I couldn't recommend you more to visit the city.