As I told you some time ago, our first travel of 2014 will be Brazil in February, I can't wait to spend some time of Europe's winter in bikini in Brazil, I don't want to get jealous but the plans sounds good even if it is only because of the heat.

Time is ticking and this time I don't know how but I haven't been as organized as always. If you remember our last travel to Thailand, I had all planned for our budget for Thailand, travel preparation, all of it.I think that the fact we are going to stay with family is giving me some comfort and less worry to plan ahead and organize.

Anyway, there are things we need to plan ahead that can't be missed, spanish people have some conditions to enter the country and we needed an invitation from Roger's aunt to stay at hers as we can be asked that invitation letter at the border, it has to be signed by a public notary so it is official.

So our invitation letter is on the way to our house, one thing sorted, the other thing we had to do is to get a paper from the bank saying that we have enough money to spend the time in Brazil. We needed to prove that we have 80 euros per person per day we stay in Brasil, this is sorted as well.

We are thinking about renting a car for 2 weeks to go around and have more freedom to visit the country and do our own route. We checked and it costs around 150 euros a week so not bad at all.

So burocracy sorted now comes the plan, what are we going to do, what will we visit. We are staying very near Praia do Forte, we would like to visit and do:

  • Try to learn the language: let's so how far can I go in two weeks
  • Live like a local: take advantage of being with locals, to learn their traditions and everyday life
I am sure the family will tell us a lot of places to go around so we can discover Bahía. I am so exited to know more about Brazil, the culture, food and lots of things that will surprise me for sure.

If you have recommendations on what to do, what to visit, anything!! Please let me know, I would love to discover options and try out your recommendations.