The first thing that came into my mind when preparing my travel to Thailand were prices, everyone told me that in Thailand you could eat for 1 euro so I thought everything was going to be cheap as chips.

I couldn't be more wrong. Is Thailand cheap? Yes and No. It depends on what Thailand you are on, you can eat for 1 euro on the street that is true, but not always you will be surrounded by amazing food stalls. Sometimes you will only see creepy food street places or you would like to eat somewhere with wifi and air conditioning or you would like some fish.

Here is where your budget goes up, the difference can be very huge, from 1 euro to 20 euros to eat, so you need to watch out your budget. See the different prices paid structured in accommodation, food, transport and entrance fees and activities.


We have decided that we wanted to save some money in accommodation so we booked places that were around 20/25 euros a night. This way we had more budget for other things.

We were in rooms from 12, 5 euros a night until 25 euros more or less, all of them with air conditioning and some of them with breakfast included.
There are cheaper rooms of course, but you need to be prepared to sleepless nights due to the heat if you have a vent room, insects etc…

  • Budget Less than 1000 baths
  • Medium 1000 to 3000 baths
  • High More than 3000 baths

We were on budget all stay except for Koh Samed that we went for medium and stayed in a bungalow hotel/resort kind.

This is our 12, 5 euros room with air conditioning and shared bathroom with this amazing breakfast. Comfy bed, cold air, nice place. Not bad, uh?

English breakfast in Chiang Mai

English breakfast in Chiang Mai


Street food prices:

  • Pad Thai 40 bath (1 euro)
  • Water 10 bath
  • Fruit juice 25 bath
  • Chang beer little 50 bath
  • Chang beer big 90 bath
  • Smoothie 30/40 bath


Cheap restaurant: Dinner for two people

Fried noodles, pad thai, big Chang beer and a bottle of water in a local restaurant with vents: 180 bath for two people (4, 50 euros)

Dinner for two people with air conditioning, comfy chairs and nice environment:
Pumpkin green curry, starter: shrimp bread and soy veggies, big Chang beer and a bottle of water: 500 bath for two people (12, 5 euros)

Pumpkin green curry

Pumpkin green curry

Posh restaurant:
Dinner for two people: two main dishes with a shared starter and rice garnishment and one dessert each, 1000 bath per person (25 euros)


Is is very hot in Thailand so you might not want to be all day walking at all times, so you need to find alternative means of transport. In Bangkok you have numerous options, some of them also work for other parts of the country:

Skytrain in Bangkok 25/80 baths (depending on the distance/stops)
Taxi in Bangkok: very cheap, around Bangkok between 40bath and 150 baths. Always have the taxi driver to start the taximeter.

Rent a motorbike in Thailand: depending on where and the kind of motorbike and days between 250 and 500 baths a day or even less, depends on the city/town and renting place (international company or local, insurance etc...)

Tuk Tuk in Bangkok: we personally did not take tuk tuks as they were expensive and they don't use taximeter, it is a fixed price and foten they try to rip you off with abusive prices. Between 100-200 baths depends on the distance.

Chao Praya Express in Bangkok: between 10 and 30 baths, depending on the route where you stop.

Activities and Monument entrances

Be the tourist guy in Thailand it is not as cheap as you might thing, Thai people do not pay to enter the temples but tourist do, so be prepared to take out your wallet.

Entrance fee
Great Palace in Bangkok 500 baths
Wat Poh in Bangkok entrance 100 baths
Golden Mount in Bangkok 20 bath


Cinema 4D 1ticket: 500 baths

12 hrs tour to the golden triangle: it was included in the tour visiting Chiang Rai, 3 hill tribes including the long neck ladies, the golden triangle and a river cruise crossing to Laos, hot springs in Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son. 1500 baths per person with lunch included.

Chiang Rai white temples

Chiang Rai white temples