Primavera Sound is a famous music festival that takes places in Barcelona since 2001. Primavera comes every year at the end of May and the main objective is to present the last groupd and trends in music genres such as pop, rock and electronics. The agenda for Primavera Sound has not only famous international groups but also new born groups and new talents that have the opportunity to perform in the festival.

In the first editiions of the festival the groups performed in different scenarios scattered across Barcelona with names such as Penelope Trip, Beef, Silvania, Honey Langstrumpf, Eliminator Jr., El Regalo de Silvia, Dirty Booties, Australian Blonde, Faded Flower, etcètera.

The festival has changed a lot since the beginning, format wise and also the location. Since the beginning though, the festival has focused on offering new musical proposals that are independent along with big names, with a wide spectre of types od music. Pop, rock, underground electronic music and dance are their strongest in the festival, if you are a lover of this style of music, it is your place!

Through Primavera sound many groups have passed, some of them are the Pixies a Aphex Twin, passant per Neil Young, Sonic Youth, Portishead, Yo La Tengo, Lou Reed, My Bloody Valentine, El-P, Pulp, Patti Smith, Arcade Fire, Public Enemy, Television, Devo, Enrique Morente, The White Stripes, Wilco, Tindersticks, PJ Harvey, Shellac, Dinosaur Jr., New Order, Real Estate, Surfin' Bichos, Melvins, Psychic TV or Spiritualized, among others. 

Now the festival is held in El Forum - a place in town outdoors that has enough space for many scenarios at the same time-and the average visitors is around 60K people in each edition.

Primavera Sound 2016

This year's edition came out at the end of January and it will take place from 1st June until 5th June and you can see below all the names that will appear in this edition. You can buy your season tickets from 175 euros if you buy it before the 3rd February, the prices go higher the closer you are to the opening date.

Ya están a la venta los abonos a precio reducido para Primavera Sound 2016 en Barcelona, que se celebrará en el Parc del Fòrum del jueves 2 al sábado 4 de junio.

Primavera sound 2016