As you know, this February we travelled to Brazil, and the same way I did with Thailand prices I will show you the prices in Brazil.One of the most important things when I am preparing a travel is to know how much things cost, it is a simple thing but sometimes it is quite difficult to find information. This time was no different for our Brazil travel preparation, I want to help you in yours so find below a list of prices in Brazil.

I spent two weeks in Brazil in Bahia, I lived like a local staying at our family's house so we were travelling and eating like Brazilian people do. Of course, some tourist stuff but you can see how is life and the cost of it with this summary:

The change at this time for euros is: 1 euro= 3 reales

Food and restaurants


  • Bhrama beer: 8 reales
  • Coco verde (coco water): 4 reales
  • Pesce frito for 2 people (fried fish): between 50 and 70 reales
  • Moqueca (fish stew): between 50 and 70 reales
  • Acarajé : 6 reales without shrimp, 7 reales with shrimp
  • Lunch for two in Praia do Forte (2 main dishes, dessert for two and drinks with no wine): 90 reales
  • Juice: 5/6 reales
  • Coke: 3, 50 reales
  • Queijo quallo (bought from street vendors, grilled cheese): between 2, 5 and 4 reales per cheese.
  • Nutella: 17 reales (all non-typical brasilian food is quite expensive)



At the supermarket:

  • A bottle of water: 2, 15 reales
  • Packet of crisps: 2, 50 reales
  • Cookies: 2, 49 reales



  • One way bus ticket: from 2, 5 reales until 12 reales for long distances
  • Praia do Forte-Salvador de Bahia: 6 reales
  • Malhadas- Praia do Forte: 2, 5 reales
  • Rent a car through for 7 days: 300 euros
  • Cars can be filled in with:
  • Etanol comun: around 2, 30 reales/litre
  • Gas: difficult to find depending on what petrol stations, around 2, 40 reales/litre
  • Gasoil: around 3, 1 reales/litre



  • Hawaianas –a pair of flip flops-: between 25 and 40 reales
  • Bikini brasilian style –tiny tiny- : from 40 reales up to the heaven…
  • Men swimsuit: from 40 reales up to the heaven…
  • Canga (pareo): from 20 to 50 reales

Depending on the town you buy the clothes and if there is a brand behind they can go from 40 reales to 300 reales. Take that into account and choose carefully before you buy it and ask for the prices in different places.

With these prices you can see that Brazil is not on the cheap side, not at all. Although is cheaper than Barcelona and the change of currency from the euro is beneficial (1 euror= 3 reales) it is not what it used to be.

Don't expect to spend less than 40 euros per person every day if you are eating out all your meals. We are lucky and our breakfast and dinner is at home in Brazil so we are saving quite a lot of money spending approximately 30/40 euros for the two of us per day.

My advice is to eat like locals do, Acarajé is a classic and it can save some money as it only costs 2 euros the dish. You will also find some stalls with bahian food and fruit on the streets, take the chance and eat local and cheaper.
Restaurants are expensive, even though there are differences on prices between towns, Praia do Forte is very expensive but for example Arembepe is cheaper.

At the beach you can also find street vendors that sell queijo quallo (grilled cheese) good and cheap as chips, nuts and acarajé.

On transportation, we did almost everything taking local buses, it is cheap and effective, the down side is that their buses stop everywhere and there is no schedule, so they come when they come. It would be very boring if it wasn't like this, right?

I totally recommend Brazil, and of course caipirnhas contribute to have an amazing experience!

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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