Re read is a jewel recently discovered, it is a second-hand bookshop chain in Barcelona. I visited the one in Passeig Sant Joan but at this time there are already four in Barcelona. A lot of people love books, but why do we need to pay that much to read? The truth is that reading is an expensive hobby if you want it in paper, but Re-read helps us in getting books at a good price.

I loved the decoration of the shop, it is simple but stylish. Sometimes we think that second-hand shops are places that you can only find old stuff, but I like recent books, also old books but normally you would like to buy recommended books from friends and family that have recently read.

In Re read, they have new and old books and the amazing thing is that each book has the same price!! Oh yes, you heard it, the same price, is a flat rate:

1 book 3 euros, 2 books 5 euros and 5 books 20 euros

As a traveler and a huge fan of travel guides I always go running to the travel section to see what is in there, and I could not be hapier with what I found: Travel guides of different countries, travel narrative, dictionaries and culture books at incredible prices.

So I couldn't resist and I bought three books: 2 travel guides, Lonely Planet's for Portugal and Sicily and also a book No without my daughter, a classic of the 90's I heard about but never read the book and now I am eating it quickly, a very good one!!

They have different sections, from novels to fiction, biographies, and also categorized by topics: cooking, crafts, travel, history, children books etc...

No one said that reading in hardcover had to be expensive, there is no excuse now and visit re-read book shops! Now we have a good option to ebooks, they are very handy and cheaper than paper books, but nothing can substitute the smell of an old book or a brand new book.

Re-read bookshops

Second hand books at cheap prices, new and old

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