El Bulli restaurant by Ferran Adrià was a three star restaurant owned by Ferran Adrià located in Cala Montjoi in Roses, Costa Brava. The restaurant had the highest guia michelin score, with three stars was considered 5 times the best restaurant of thr world in the prestigious publication "The restaurant Magazine".

Now the Bulli is closed, but all their chefs are around the territory and some of them with their own business still giving delicious food. If you want to taste delicious food with el Bulli chefs you still have time, each of them has evolved with their own style

Restaurant Disfrutar en Barcelona

Disfrutar, which literally means enjoy, is the new project of Oriol, Eduard and Mateu, the three of them with El Bulli DNA. The restaurant has already a name in Barcelona. They have two menus, the Disfrutar menu at 70 euros per person and the Festival menu at 100 euros per person.It is certainly not just food, there is a whole planning in every dish and emotion. Check out the experience for gastroeconomy.

The same chefs have another restaurant, the first one they opened, in Cadaqués called Compartir.


Restaurant Tickets by Adrià

As we were talking about El Bulli chefs, Ferran Adrià little brother was one of them, Albert, and in an internship at his brother's restaurant discovered his passion, he wanted to become pâtissiere. He has opened in Barcelona, the restaurant Tickets, and offers a variety of creative tapas, but accessible for a mid range budget.

Arola Restaurant in Hotel Arts

Sergi Arola is one of the famous catalan chefs of our time, he has opened his own restaurant in Madrid called Gastro, and he is the chef for the restaurant la Broche in Madrid and Arola restaurant in hotel Arts. Arola has also been a disciple of Ferran Adrià, they worked together in el Bulli. He is very creative with his own style and has passion for local traditions and season products. 

The restaurant overlooks the sea side in Barcelona, apart from being in an incredible location, it offers live music all along with delish tapas and dishes, it is plenty of local products. The bravas are famous for their cubic shape filled in with spicy sauce and a true all i oli. We also tried fish tapas of different kind and a very special cocktel called green Arola that is made with basil, lovely flavor!


Discípulo de Ferran Adrià y Pierre Gagnaire, pero con un estilo totalmente propio, el chef Sergi Arola combina su creatividad con la pasión por las tradiciones locales y los ingredientes de temporada. En su restaurante del Hotel Arts, Arola elabora unas imaginativas reinterpretaciones de la cocina mediterránea tradicional, servidas como tapas para disfrutar de una comida informal.

Con la llegada del buen tiempo, disfrute de la terraza para tomar un aperitivo o una comida al aire libre en un ambiente de lo más chic y con unas vistas impresionantes sobre el mar. Sesión de DJ todas las noches y en verano, conciertos en directo todos los jueves en las clásicas Noches de Arola.

Tapas 24 by Carles Abellan

Carles is a Chef that went through el Bulli as many others but he is a gastronomical reference locally and internationally with restaurants in Canadà in Montreal and in Barcelona such as Tapas 24. He has another restaurant in Barcelona called la Guingueta de la Barceloneta, right on the beach.

Tapas 24 offers a wide variety of traditional tapas, with high quality products. Please note that Tapas 24 is in the city center so it is a touristy kind of place, you need to arrive early and possibly queue. It is not a cheap place, fish tapas are pricey. My recommendation is to get a taste of the classics.

L'Eggs by Paco Perez

Paco spent some time in El Bulli and also with in France with Michel Guèrard, one of the fathers of the Nouvell cuisine, both of them with three Michelin stars.He has different restaurants, the first and most famous is the restaurant Miramar in Llançà, with two michelin stars, but his star in Barcelona is l'Eggs, a restaurant with 50 different dishes were eggs are the main product.

L'Eggs offers a brunch menu, a full menu of eggs such as omelettes, poché eggs, fried and scrambled eggs etc...There are other dishes as well with no eggs in it, to round up the offer. In the same building they have recently opened a cocktail bar called Club Doble that offers cocktails and live music.


El Suquet del Almirall by Quim Marqués

The restaurant by Marquès is a restaurant of the classic Barceloneta, a neighborhood of fishermen, you can imagine fish is the star of à la carte. Rice with fish, the paella kind or the soupy style. Fish tapas and salads to share are the starters of a great fish dinner near the sea. As a curiosity the place is located in Drassanes area, a drassana is a dockyard, this is what the restaurant used to be. In this dockyard is where the replica of the Colombus caravel.

Dos palillos by Albert Raurich

Dos palillos is a restaurant with the concept to eat asian tapas following the spanish tapa philosophy, a sharing meal where everyone gets to try all dishes. There is a bar counter with stolls where people can sit down and eat quick tapas, they can spend as much time as their hunger makes them.

They have a tasting menu and the tapas menu that can vary slightly since it the depends on the season and the products fresh on the market at that time. Albert Raurich spent 11 years in El Bulli, and is yet another disciple of this incredible restaurant.


Beverley Roberts commented about 3 years

Hello, are you anble to suggest one of the above restarts by the e Bulli chefs that is close to our hotel in Barcelona, which is the Avenida Palace on Gran via de les Corts Catalans. We are there from 19 - 22 May. Many thanks Cheers Beverley.

Meritxell commented about 3 years in response to Beverley Roberts

Hi Beverly, You are located in the city center, dos palillos, disfrutar or tapas 24 seem to be the ones nearest to your hotel. You can check the map you have at the bottom of the post to see the locations. Hope you enjoy Barcelona!

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