Food in Sardinia it was one of the main attractions, it was a pleasure, loads of things to discover: fish is everywhere, try pasta with some mussels, rissoto di mare, mussels with tomato sauce, pizza, desserts such as the delicious tiramisu etc... Pizza, pasta with so many different sauces, try the traditional dishes such as aragosta alla Catalana (lobster with tomato sauce and onion).

Recommended restaurants in Sardinia


La volpe e l'uva 24, Via Aspron

We stopped in Sassari to eat something after being all morning in the beach and we bumped into this great restaurant. Big portions, with one dish per person you will have more than enough. I ordered Risotto di mare and it was incredible, good quality of the fish and very big portion I could not finish it up.

We ordered as well spaghetti carbonara, done basically with egg yolks so a thick sauce with bacon but very tasty. The quality-price was excellent for me. We paid around 10 euros per person with one dish, my risotto di mare was 12 euros but it was very big for one person and delicious!!


Restaurant Carlo Trattoria PizzeriaVia Carlo Alberto, 94

Tiny Trattoria in the city center of Alghero, narrow streets that look like a maze but we found this great place far from typical tourist restaurants were all is in english. We had pasta with hand made pesto, you could taste all herbs on it, it was very good. My boyfriend wanted to try horse but we were not sure that we liked it, they did it very well, it was medium rare and very tasty. I had cottoletta with salad and it tasted as if you were at your granny's, so for me it was excellent.

The dessert was the most amazing tiramisu I ever tasted, I love tiramisu so I was trying to eat as much as I could and compare. So here I found "Tiramisu alla pesca" Peach Tiramisu and I gave it a try.

It was delicious, very soft, creamy and with this taste of peach. It was a pitty that we discovered this place the last day so we did not have the chance to repeat but you still can go!!

There were two other places very recommended in the guides and also by our landlord at the B&B we stayed:La Botteghina and Trattoria Cavour. We tried to show up to have dinner but you really need to book as everyday is full, so we could not eat there...Next time we will for sure, so if you are planning to go first call in to book a table. Take into account that Trattoria Cavour closes on Thusdays and la Botteghina closes some days at night as well, so before planing when to go, check out their opening times. If you have the chance to book and eat there please let us know how was it as we really left this pending, eat in these two restaurants.


L'approdo Via Fonte Vecchia, 50

This was a very good restaurant but more expensive than the rest. Palau is a very touristy town so prices are higher than other places in Sardinia. It was around 25 euros per person. It also depends a lot on what you order, they have a shop window with all the fishes of the day that they will serve so they show it to you. Is a good place to order fish and the service it is very good, a waiter comes to the table and cleans the fish in front of you and serve it to you with no bones.

We loved the pasta in this place, we had pasta with vegetables with pepperoncini di Sardegna, so the dish had some spicy point that gave a special flavour to it, we loved it! I love fishy dishes so I had pasta nera (with squid ink) with prawns, it was amazing the fish flavor you could tell that they have done a stock with good quality fish.


Ristorante Tratttoria da Maria Giuseppa Via nazionale, 20, Castelsardo

Very nice Trattoria in the center of Castelsardo, great location as well. I would recommend you to eat in the covered terrace that they have in the upper floor where you can see the landscape and the sea. It is a very traditional sardinian restaurant, a romantic place for its locations and view, so it is a good surprise for a great dinner.

We had some grilled cheese, I would highly recommend it, very tasty, they have nice cheeses in the island. Some fried squids, we were surprised of how good they were. And we tasted some pasta alla campidanese that it is a very typical sauce with tomato and sausages mainly.

I hope you enjoyed the places we choose and you let us know more places to try next time we go to Sardinia!

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