I had the pleasure to be at Rituels d'Orient right before my trip to Thailand. I so needed a time for me to relax and prepare my body for a new adventure.

I went to Rituels d'Orient and I was delighted with the atmosphere, it reminded me of Marrakech, the decoration, materials and all the spaces.

It all started in the changing room where you are given a bathrobe and flip flops, all you need before going into the hammam. When you are ready with the bathrobe on and your swimsuit you are taken to the hammam. They give you a bottle of cold water (great idea, you will needed inside to refresh yourself) and also a beach wrap so you can either cover yourself or use it to lay dowm in the hammam.

The hammam in Rituels d'Orient is based on the Moroccan and Turquish hammams and offers areas of progressive temperature and humidity, between 37º and 46ºC.

I loved the hammam, although is not very big, it is very welcoming and cosy, with a swimming pool with cool water to refresh.

There is also a steam room, too hot for me, so I entered but I had to go back to the relaxing hammam while I waited for my body scrub.

I also had a body scrub with the beldi black soap, after the hammam I entered the cabin, it was comfortable although I was all wet from the hammam, I had a good time, they first clean you with the soap and after that comes the scrub with a kessa globe to take out impurities and dead skin cells.

I left rituels d'orient totally relaxed, so much needed before a big adventure!!

Benefits of the Hammam

Hammam Rituels d'Orient

Hammam Rituels d'Orient

The hammam has been known from ancient times to be very beneficial for our body. In Roman times they used their thermae to purify the organism in their circuit of aromatized steam rooms.

In the Arab world, the turquish baths are part of the everyday life and are the meeting point of social life as well. In Europe we are not very used to hammams but the truth is that when you try it you love it! It is not only pleasure but also health benefits, check them out:

-The steam opens the pores of the skin helping the expulsion of toxins. That's why it is the perfect time to have your body scrub.

-Breathing in the hammam with the eucalyptus and mint opens the respiratory system

- The steamy heat improves blood circulation and accelerates metabolic functions

-Generates a pleasant feeling, you will sleep like a baby, you can trust me about it!

- The hammam allows your musculature to relax, this is produced by the heat

- When you feel relaxed and comfortable, happy in the environment your body generates endorphins. Endorphins make us happy!

What are you waiting for? I had my hammam previous to Thailand and I am already thinking about another one post Thailand!

Tip: check in their website the days the hammam is open for women only and the mixed days: schedule

Rituels D'Orient

Carrer de Loreto, 50, 08029 Barcelona

[email protected]

Disclaimer: This post has been possible thanks to Rituels d'Orient who offered a full hammam experience: Basic ritual- hammam and eastern scrub, the treatment I had has a cost of 46 euros per pax. As always this is my honest opinion of the experience.