This post has been written by Carlos Jimenez, tourism professional in the hotel industry, he has recently started as a cabin crew. He loves traveling and discovering new places. He has been talking about this amazing travel to Riviera Maya, so asked him to share his experience.

If you are thinking on your next holidays but you don't know where to go, what to do or the best way of investing your money, you need to consider some points: if you are searching for good weather conditions, high hotel standards and service, incredible paradisiacal beaches, to be in contact with nature, visiting typical villages, a destiny with high variety of food, a different culture and where local people treat you really well… stop thinking! You must go to the amazing Mexican Riviera Maya!

With a non stop flight from a lot of cities in Europe, you will arrive to Cancun International Airport, after an easy passport control, you will have different transfers options to arrive to Riviera Maya, or your resort or hotel.

After almost one hour traveling by bus and with jet lag, you will arrive to your resort. Now is time to relax, enjoy and discover this amazing corner in the world. The Mexican Riviera Maya offers you a bunch of one day excursions to do, there's a high variety of places to visit. It is the best option if you want relaxing days at the pool and under the sun, but also, if you want to visit local places.

Starting by one of the Seven Wonders of the World (Chichen Itzá) where you can spend a whole day visiting typical Maya's monuments and learning the history of mayas and enjoying one of the best and low prices market where you probably will buy the bests Mexican souvenirs.

Another place that it is a must do is visit Tulum, an archaeological Maya's place where you will be amazed by the Mayan culture and you can also join Tulum beach. Then, you must visit “Playa Paraiso” which is considered one of the best beaches in the world , kilometres of fine sand and crystalline water. I can assure you that being on that beach, you will forget the stressful daily basis of the city.

You can't forget the Fifth Avenue, where you can find incredible Mexican shops! One activity you should do is visit the famous “cenotes” which are natural water wells created by nature, unspoilt by humans. It is a unique sensation! You can swim in there and be in touch with nature.


The nightlife is varied, but it is mandatory to go to one of the best disco shows of the world: Cocobongo! Settled up like a theatre, you will see performances of actual music starred by acrobats of Cirque du Soleil. In one word: AMAZING!

You will find a couple of thematic parks where you can enjoy a day between animals and scuba diving with an incredible colour fish view. I specially recommend you Xcaret Park.

The hotel quality is really high: Riviera Maya is a place where tourism has high resources available and the major part of their country work in that industry

Here some tips and advices:

  • Money: They use Mexican Pesos, but the change is very low. It is better if you go with - American Dollars. Anyway, you can find some shops that accept Euros. Also, you will find in the fifth avenue good money exchange (better than in hotels and their commissions).

  • Excursions: Please, do not contract your excursions at your hotel. The price is really high! In the Fifth Avenue you will find a lot of specialized shops and points of excursions, cheaper! From paying 100 dollars, to pay 40 dollars… you can save money and buy tequila instead!

  • Taxi: They are two kind of taxis, and you can easily distinguish them: tourist and non tourist taxis. You need to agree the rate BEFORE traveling.

  • Security: Riviera Maya is REALLY SECURE. Don't panic about that, people treat you like at home.

  • Food: Mexico is a “spicy” country; they use a lot of spices in their foods . You will see it in shops and restaurants de different, but be careful, your best holidays can convert into the worst experience ever.

  • Ice creams and water: only drink them in hotels or safe places. The freeze in fridges is very low, so it is very easy for salmonella to appear.

  • Fruit: don't buy any in the street, you don't know if a moskito has bitten it.

  • Moskitos: they are everywhere! You must go with a moskito repellent in your bag.

What are you waiting for?


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