You might be thinking what is exactly a senses dinner, well, let me start saying that this is a dinner like no other, it is a special dinner where you will experiment with your senses. First of all you have no idea what you are going to eat, and the dinner is located in a very unusual place, in the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery in Barcelona.

Why is the dinner located in the Medicine Academy? It has a reason, as you experiment with your senses, your brain builds reality from what you perceive but can you trick your brain with food? Yes you can, through textures, flavours, colors and shapes in your food that don't resemble the reality you think you know.

The night starts with a nice cava glass and a guided tour through the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery, an approach to the history of medicine in the city that I will tell you all about. This is a dinner like no other, and I consider it to be romantic since you experiment with senses and share your perceptions with your dinner partner. Having dinner in an exclusive place, a room in the Academy of Medicine, that has a limited amount of people that can host and that it was not designed to to be a restaurant it gives you the feeling of exclusiveness and clandestinity.

Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery


We go through the history of Medicine in Barcelona getting into one of the most amazing rooms in the academy, Gimbernat anatomy amphithatre from XVIII, that could have easily been where Clive Owen investigates in the Knik series.

The room is called Gimbernat because of Antoni Gimbernat, he was one of the professors who taught there among other big names such as Santiago Ramon y Cajal an Pere i Virigili. The amphitheatre is impressive and is where human body disections took place, there were no measures to keep bodies in the right temperature so disection were done from start to finish in one go to avoid decomposiition.

Students would stand up during hours, from 3 to 8 hours straight to learn from the disection, once they finished the bodies were disposed and it is said that Dr Fleming square, right next to the building was a " morgue" from XIX century.

It has been discovered in different excavations in the surroundings, bones and skulls and even a building that was built with bones as construction material. There was a street called "el Corralet" where all bodies where stacked up until they would decompose. Children who played on the street at that time were very scared of that street, no wonder why...

One of the rooms included in the visit is the library, very impressive with books from XIX to XXI century, the academy posseses books from XV century but those are not displayed in the library but in the attic. 

The Royal academy of Medicine is located now where the surgery colleage was and then it was the Faculty of Medicine, but they were moved to other parts of town and is where the Academy of Meidine was placed in the end.

On 1929 is where the Royal Academy started as such in the building we know nowadays and is one of the most importants buildings on the neoclassical architecture. The building is within a complex that was were the ancient Hospital de Sant Pau was.

The academy is self funded and now still works as an institution of research and there are academics taking decisions and stuyding particular cases. Many important people went through the walls of the academy such as Francesc Salvà i Campillo, Dr Robert who was a doctor but also involved politically and he was mayor of Barcelona too. 


Romantic dinner of Senses

The dinner of senses is a new experience of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery in Barcelona with the objective of bringing the history of medicine near and introduce the base of neuroscience through a gastronomical game where all senses participate

The menu will evidence that our brain builds reality from our senses and those can be tricked. It is amazing as what we perceive might not be what is happening. I can tell you now that you will be seeing all the experience, so it has nothing to do with having your eyes folded. I cannot discover much for you as otherwise it will lose the point, but I can tell you that the quality of food is as good as Michelin star restaurant, a creative kind of meal but with flavors and unique ways of showing food.

The menu cannot be explained otherwise it will loose all the purpose, but I can tell you that the menu includes, starters, fish and meat and a dessert, all with white and red wine, bread, water and coffee. The menu has dairy too as part of the ingredients.The names of the dishes are very funny:

  • Starter: sweeties lies
  • Main 1: the textures of Poseidón
  • Main 2: Does the rainbow have a flavour?
  • Dessert: sweet game

Something to take into account is that due to the dinner of senses is tied up to every dish, there is no version for vegetarians or food intolerances. 

You can get discount in the entrance if you are a subscriber of la Vanguardia, RACC, Carnet Jove or you are retired, a pensioner or have the pink card.

Sternalia Senses dinner: 71 euros per person
Every Saturday in the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery in Barcelona
You need to book in Sternalia website in advance

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