Sagrada Familia is one of the top star monuments in Barcelona and known around the world as this church has been under construction for more than 133 years due to its particular way of funding the cost of the building. The funding is done exclusively through donations and what the monument earns from selling the tickets, the original idea is that if it was a church for the population it had to be built for them and by them so that is why every grain counts to make it happen. When Gaudí was asked at his time why Sagrada Familia took that long and he said that his client was not in a hurry, referring to God.

It is true though that not only the funding has caused the delay of building the church but also political issues and protests, financial problems as well as the Civil War in Spain among other reasons.

Sagrada Familia will have its 18 towers very soon though despite the difficulties that has gone through since the start of the construction and after a long long time building it since the end of XIX century in 2026 they say it will be finished. The tallest of all towers will be 172 metres high and is called Jesus tower and it will be the tallest building in town changing Barcelona's skyline but also impacting Europe, as Sagrada Familia will become the tallest religious structure in Europe.

Until now 70% of the building is finished and the monument will be completed by 2026, the perfect year as it is the hundred year anniversary of Gaudí's death. Although the building will be completed there will be still a lot of artistic details to be finished. Sagrada Familia is a symbol for barcelonins but also for foreigners, being seen for more than 3 million visitors a year.

Gaudí actually inherited the Sagrada Familia from another architect who had done a neogothic traditional base and Gaudí had something very different in mind but he never saw his art work finished.

It is fascinating how Gaudí though about the process to built Sagrada Familia, he presented his blueprint as tridimensional models instead of having drawings. Those models have been the key to success for those architects who have been working in the project after Gaudí's death. It seems like he knew he would have predecessors and had to make it easy for them to built Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia is not of the liking of everyone, it has been very controversial, voices such as George Orwell have described the building as one of the most disgusting in the world, so there are opinions for all tastes.

The building is inspired by Gaudí's faith as well as his love for nature that is present in all his buildings. His thought behind being inspired by nature is that if architecture is derived from nature the best way to honor God is to design buildings that are based in God's creation: nature itself.

Gaudí understood that nature's design is an universal phenomenon of physics, nature is built by mathematics law and as incredible as that sounds the strongest is often lighter and efficient and as a consequence the most beautiful.

Nature is a safe bet as it doesn't follow trends or fashion, it is an all time design that doesn't get old even hundred of years later and young artists and artisans have also added their spirit in Sagrada Familia through sculptures, doors, glass designs etc... But always following Gaudí's principles through the years so it keeps having the same spirit as it was thought by the greatest modernist architect of all times.

See below how Sagrada Familia will look like in 2026, the year where it is supposed to be finished, the video recreates virtually the different parts that are still not built in the incredible Gaudí's church.