Sant Antoni market is the heart of Sant Antoni area in Eixample district, it is a lively market with stalls outside that sell all kinds of products, from shoes, clothes, homewares, cleaning products or food such as fruit, vegetables or meat.

But on Sundays, the whole scene changes with the second-hand book and stamps sell for collectors, it is a must visit for all locals at least once in your lifetime. I am sure all locals remember going there on Sundays with their parents to change stickers to finish up the collection, that could be footballers, princesses or any movie or series that did a collection of any kind. I remember you could change 1 by 1 or you could buy the sticker that you needed, and some of them were very difficult to find. It is a long-established ritual among locals and also visitors to visit the market and browse what is on offer.

Sant Antoni market was designed by Antoni Rovira y Trias in 1882, the metal structure of the market makes it very special nowadays but when it was built it was the typical structure used.

One of the most original elements, is the gallery that is located around the perimeter of the market, green tarpaulins that provide walls and ceiling protecting the circular corridor where traders sell their products through the week while on Sundays they change to welcome stamp traders, book stalls and comic and magazine stalls among others.

I would recommend you to visit the surroundings of Sant Antoni market, there are little jewels to see and it is a good area to eat and discover the trendy Parlament street nearby, check our Sant Antoni route and recommendations.

Opening times

Monday to Thursday, from 7am to 2.30pm and 5.30pm to 8.30pm. 

Friday and Saturday, from 7am to 8.30pm.