Sant Martí d'Empúries is a village in the area of the Alt Empordà right at the heart of the Costa Brava. It is located 200m away from the roman and greek ruins of Empúries. The name Empúries comes from the greek name Emporion that means shopping center, but not a mall as we know it nowadays but a place where different comercial routes crossed and had a natural harbour that offered protection to their ships.

The first greek settlement goes back to the VI century and was located where now is Sant Martí d'Empúries, called Palaià Pois. At the time, Sant Martí was an isthmus and the greeks settled there due to the strategic position in the Mediterranean, although it was never totally abandoned the settlement lost importance with time. At some point after the decline of the roman empire in the 3rd century, regain importance as a princial settlement.

Sant Martí d'Empúries is an incredible town with its gothic church and has become a very popular destination in the area. Its fine sand beaches and crystal water attracts many visitors. The town was restores in the 1990s, pedestrian walks were added, the beach are and old quarter restored and the town became the lead role of the start of 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

Coastal path from Sant Martí d'Empúries to Cala Montgó


We started our walk in Sant Martí d'Empúries were we left our car and walked along the coastal path through Passeig d'Empúries, you can see from the walking path the ruins of Empúries passing by. If you start from Montgó and end up in the other side at St Martí, there is a touristy train called El Carrilet that runs in summer and goes from L'escala in Montgó to St Martí and it stops along the way.

If you walk the full path from Cala Montgó to St Martí d'Empúries is an 8km walk, with low difficulty that should take you 4 hours maximum to do it.

The route from Cala Montgó to St Martí d'Empúries :


  1. The route starts at Cala Montgó, you should go direction l'Escala center but we go up Trenca Braços street, at you right you will see the path GR 92.

  2. Once you are on top you will see the beach Illa Mateua, in Punta Montgó street, turn left going through the coastal path following the GR 92 instructions (red/white signals). You will go through he Punta dels Cinc Sous, Cala del Salpatx and Les Penyes until you get to la Clota harbour.

  3. Now you will go through the street Romeu de Corbera until you get to Riells beach. If you pass by the beach through Passeig del Petit Pricep until you get to Passeig del Mar, it will take you all aroudn the coast until the old town of L'escala.

  4. The objective is to find the Passeig d'Empúries, to get there you will have to go through Passeig Lluis Albert, Port d'en Perris and La platja. Take the street Cargol i Ronda Mar d'en Massana and walk right in the coastal path where you can see the sea side. Walk through Ronda del Pedró where you will find the Ampadòfor -a monument dedicated to the olimpic flame- and turn right to take Passeig d'Empúries.

  5. The Passeig d'Empúries is 2.5km long and goes along the coast following the beaches in Empúries, you will go through Platja del Rec, Platja del Portitxol, Platja de les Muscleres and Platja del Moll Grec, until you get to Sant Martí d'Empúries town, the end of the route.

Victor Mora Capitan Trueno is from St Marti d'Empúries


El Capitán Trueno (lit. Captain Thunder) was the hero of a series of comic books made by the writer Victor Mora, a spanish writer. It is by far the most popular spanish hero comic of all times and the series was inspired by Hal Foster's Prince Valiant.

Trueno is a knight from the 12th century assisted by the adolescent Crispín and a gourmandiser called Goliath. His dame is Sigrid , a viking princess that is also part of the adventures. Trueno travels the world enforcing justice and freedom against tyrants.

In the last book called "The last battle"is where it is mentioned that he is from l'Escala and his castle is Sant Martí d'Empúries. In Sant Martí there is a plaque showing that there is where captain Trueno was bornt.

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