You might be wondering, what is sharing economy? It is actually the economic and social systems that enabled shared access to goods, services, data and talent. And again, what is this? There are milions of examples that you have seen around and have tried most likely one of them at least.

Services such as car sharing, coach surfing, crowfunding are part of these services included in the sharing economy. Why pay the full car if you can use it anyway whenever you want paying per usage.

Here is the first part of this series of sharing economy, there are lots of services out there that can help us travelling, I discovered some of them on the way. Check out some of the existing services on accommodation, crowdfunding and car sharing:


There are different services about accommodation that can help you save some pennies and also discover places as a local.


It is a service for house owners to allow them to rent rooms and the whole flat/house. It is a good opportunity for travellers to live cities like a local, have an appartment where you can cook, lie down on the sofa and look outside. We tried Airbnb in Paris and in Budapest where we had a lovely appartment.

There are pros and cons as well to everything, here you have my opinion on Air bnb yes or no?

Knok and Home exchange

These are two services of home exchange, if you have a house and you would like to exchange houses with another family is a very good option to save money and live like a local. Check out our first experience of house exchange in Ayamonte. It is a good experience to swap houses with someone, it is comfortable as you have everything you would have at home and you save a lot of money not paying for accommodation.

Coach surfing

Coachsurfing is a travel community that hosts travellers into their homes, when planning to travel around is a good choice to meet local people, eat with them, listen to their advice. Everyone who has tried it tell wonderful stories about coachsurfing, it helps knowing the country better and the people as well. I have never tried it myself but I am willing to do it on the future.

Creative projects: crowfunding

What an amazing way of fulfill your dreams than doing it collaboratively on internet so everyone that believes in your project can add their part to make it come true.

I think it is a great idea to participate in a project and see it grow and the global world allow us to share this projects with everyone interested. My friend Enric from Humans of Barcelona Barcelona made his project come true, publish a book with all his amazing pictures of Barcelona citizens.

There are different services that do that: kickstarter, verkami, goteo


There are different ways to share the costs of transportation, sometimes we don't need to own a car to use it, and this is where the car sharing comes to play. Not every day you have the same needs, you might need a van one day and a family car another one, car sharing gives you flexibility.

Car sharing services: Zipcar,Socialcar, Blablacar.

Two more posts to come on sharing economy on services that will help you when travelling.