When we travel somewhere we want to have experiences, live the city you visit and get an approach of how it is like to be living in Barcelona, NYC etc... We seek experiences, real experiences but sometimes as a tourist this is the most difficult part as we don't know people in town and mingle with locals appear to be difficult.

For that reason services have appeared that allow you to do that, have dinner at someone's house in Barcelona, have a tour in NYC done by a local person or simply have fun taking up different activities.


Trip4real is a web where locals can place their offer, it can be a dinner at home, a course, sailing in Barcelona's coast...It really can be anything, it is a service focused on spanish cities. I was recently invited to be part of a tour in Barcelona and also a dinner+ catalan cuisine course in a local's house. It was an amazing experience and we all had a great time. I can't wait to try it out when travelling abroad.

There are different services similar to Trip4real that offer tours, activities done by locals. Getyourguide that offers tours but most of them from companies or providers, Urbanadventures is a service that has tours done by locals.

Tourist eye is a community where people leave their tips and discoverings about cities, they do have a mobile app as well so you can have a look of what it is being said about the place you are visiting. You can keep the tips in your profile and also share your opinion and add tips too.

Have lunch with locals

I love this, we all have done it when we have friends from somewhere else and we visit them, isn't the best food ever the one cooked at home? I am so sure that my mum's paella is the best in the world, and Ihave no doubt everyone would think the same if they could try it. That's why I think it is an amazing idea to have the chance to eat with locals.

There are different online services that offer this possibility exclusively related to food:

Cookening: connecting people and cultures through food, this is their motto. See an example of dinner in Paris, it is amazing to mingle with people of different cultures, share experiences and enjoy a typical meal.

Eatwith: dine in homes around the world, from meditterranian cuisine in Spain to koshner food in NYC, sushi, cooking courses...The sky is the limit.

Eatfeastly: authentic food with real people, another service that offers the possibility to enjoy a meal with locals and learn about their cuisine and culture.