Sharing economy is something that most of us are interested in, we started our series in the blog with sharing economy: experiences and live like a local and transportation, accommodation and crowdfunding.

Cool products, handmade and artisans have their place in the sharing market and also help among the community on tasks or objects that can make our life easier and cheaper.

Artisans and handmade

Etsy: it is an online market of unique products that allow people to connect, sell and buy, You can find vintage clothes and accessories, art, home and living, jewelry, women, men and kids, weddings and much more.

Help on tasks

Task rabbit: is a service that allows you to find help in your neighbourhood. This service can be used in three different ways by companies or private individuals.

  1. Outsource household errands
  2. Discover opportunities to make money while helping others
  3. Find staff for companies: long-term or short term projects
Peerby:is a service that allows its users to borrow items among them. Let's say that you are leaving for your first budget travel and you need a rucksack. Instead of going to the shop and buying one, you borrow one from someone who has one and it is willing to lend you the object.

This video explains how it works very well:

Peerby - how does it work? from Peerby on Vimeo.

I am sure you know more sharing economy services related to handmade products and help on tasks. If you do, please let me know in comments so we all benefit from it!!