Sitges is a seaside town located 40km far from Barcelona city, it is a good idea to take a day excursion from Barcelona and spend it in Sitges. There are plenty of things to do, check out our Sitges guide.

If you happen to go to Sitges in October, you will be lucky to experience the grape harvest festival in Sitges. It is a festival that runs every year and celebrates the time when the grapes are collected to produce wine.

There are different things to do in the festival, you can't miss the grape stamping competition. The competition is done in teams, two people at a time have to stamp on a wooden basket full of grapes and the winner is who gets more litters of grape juice done stamping the grapes in the traditional method.

Ladies and gents grape stamping is how they used to produce the grape juice that would be converted in wine, thank God that nowadays it is extracted automatically. I can't imagine going around with purple feet and smelling like a stamped grape after doing it.

The festival is very known by a popular wine show that takes place at the same time called " Mostra de Vins" where visitors sample best wines from different wine cellars from Massis del Garraf to Penedes DO (guarantee of origin). It is a good occasion to investigate new brands and the tendencies of wine since there are different stalls with cava and wines from all over Catalonia.

Wine tasting in Sitges

If you are into wine, this is the place to be. For 7 euros you get three glasses of wine of your choice and the glass for free. I have to say that it is very cool that you get a wine glass hanger so you don't have to be with the glass on your hand all around and also avoids spillages. Since everyone has the same, a hanging wine glass around their neck, it seems pretty normal. I loved it! Great detail!

Helen and Myself at the vereme 2012

Helen and Myself at the vereme 2012

I tried three wines: Valldosera merlot and syrah rosé, Santa Digna chardonnay white, Atrium merlot 2010 red wine. They were very good, I am a syrah and merlot lover so I am an easy win when wine contains any of these two grapes.

In the time when the grape harvest festival takes place, another event is held on these days. There is one catalan sort of beauty pageant called "La nit de les pubilles" with very ancient roots that used to be to nominate the most beautiful daughter (pubilla) in town.

The winner of the contest was called the "Pubilla major" of Sitges, and every town has one. These pubilles represent their towns on a Catalonia Pubilla contest.

The traditional costume of the pubilles is the one you see below, they have a black hairnet and a typical dress in black and white done with lace decorations in the sleeves. They all have a fan in hand and a sash with the "senyera" -catalan flag- where it shows their town of origin.



Although I have not seen the beauty pageant, the day I went some pubilles from the towns of the surroundings were there cheer leading for the grape stamping competition. So what about you, have you been to a wine tasting event? Let us know