I didn't know Skyscanner until now. We always search on the internet to get the best deals and flights but sometimes we are lazy and we just search where we know and do not look at other options.

Skyscanner is easy to use and fast, helps you to find the best prices in real time and you can book directly with the agency or airline that provides the service. So it is actually a search website and not an intermediary. What I like the most about it is that you can search by country, without having to have a concrete city or destination. For example, we can look for Barcelona-Sweden or even Spain-Sweden. The result compares all the cities you can fly from and to.

Nowadays, sometimes we just want to fly away, a good offer is our motivation, so this kind of search might be perfect for that aim.

Today an opportunity came up to go to Stockholm, so I thought, let's see what can I get and I decided to use Skyscanner.

First of all I looked from Barcelona to Sweden, to see what airports where available to fly to. But I could have searched from Spain to Sweden as well to see all available airports.

Results Barcelona-Sweden

I can see the results by airport and price per adult, also it tells you if it is a direct flight or there are stops.

See the results for Barcelona-Stochölm

You can compare prices, times and airlines as well.

I hoped you liked it! Let me know what you think about Skyscanner! Was it useful for you?