Spring has sprung with interesting travel events in Barcelona and Catalunya. As you know I love Barcelona and tourism in the city is one of the main activities, this is no secret. This year I have scheduled this travel events in my calendar to assist and check out the events.

See how packed I have my agenda in the next two months:

SITC (Saló del Turisme de Catalunya) from 19 th to 22nd April

On 19 th April SITC opened his doors, I spent the morning going around the fair and talking with DMO's and companies. Some interesting things that I loved:

Girona Tourism organized a lunch, in every stand there was a dish, dessert or tapa that they offered in exchange of tickets. There was a place to buy tickets, 1ticket=1 euro. I am always looking for good deals on food and normally I don't eat in the fair as it is expensive and not good. So this event was great, and it was running everyday in the fair, with different dishes. I had for example for 6 euros: a dish of meat balls, a dish of fish meat balls, red wine and some bunyols (desset/pastry)

Meat balls cost 3 tickets only

Meat balls cost 3 tickets only

I have only been to TBEX as a blogger conference and the SITC I have been before but never as a blogger, I was surprised on how little and how bad organised it was in some brands and DMO's.

In general Catalunya tourism was good and I had very good feeling in some other companies about routes, accommodations and others, they had contact persons for online media and were very nice and helpful.

I found very rude people as well, asking if they work with bloggers to promote their products and services they said NO and stared at me...So there was no other choice to say, thank you and leave. I was a bit amazed that in Spain it is quite difficult that companies want to work with bloggers, there is no much knowledge about the online world. That's a pitty as is the future. As always...it looks like Spain is far behind.

TBM (Travel Bloggers Meeting) 17th to 19th May

The TBM is a long story...I was supposed to go to the TBU in Rotterdam at first, on the same dates but...if you remember the giveaway of my ticket to TBU I couldn't make it due to the costs of the travel. Instead I thought, it was a good opportunity to go to my first TBM (Travel Bloggers Meeting) that is a Spanish meeting for bloggers around the country, and being so near I could'nt resist. This year the TBM is held in Tarragona, so I am going. I will tell you all about it when I come back.

Forum TurisTIC 21st and 22nd May

I am so happy to announce that I will be speaking at Forum TurisTIC as part of their round table about tecnologic solutions for hotels at 9:30h on 21st of May. This will be my first conference as a speaker and I am so exited to take part in it, if you are around do not hesitate in saying hi! always glad to meet up.

Forum Turistic

Forum Turistic

Ladies and gents this is the agenda for the next coming months, sounds busy but exiting as always. Hope to see you around.