I was shocked when arriving in Seville about the graffitis eveywhere, I had no idea there was such a culture of street art in Seville. So I spent my days taking pics of all graffitis I loved in the city.

Graffitis all over the the place, on walls, buildings, blinds, even the garbage containers in the street are full of graffitis. I looked for information on who the artists are where does come from this street art culture from Seville. You can find my findings below:

I found an interesting website that shows the art of graffiti artists by city, and of course Seville is there shining.

I found another great site called the museum of graffiti (in Spanish) it is about graffitis in Seville only.

Street art is done in public places, I am in favor of street art but also respecting places, I think that it has to be done carefully though, not to bother anyone in public buildings such as schools and hospitals for example. But I think is a great idea to give life a wall that has no other purpose. For example in Seville I have seen it in the garbage containers, and it is great, it gives a total new look and gives live to the city. I was totally into it, and it even brought a post about it! So hi five for street art.

I leave you with my favorite ones of the ones I have seen when being in the city:

2013-03-29 09.54.55