Street food is ready to eat food sold in the street or a public place, normally from a food booth, food truck or food card. Street food festivals have become very common in Catalonia, they are in every cool event. According to the Food and Agriculture organization 2.5 billion people eat food street every day, in Catalonia I think they were born to stay.

The law in Catalonia is very strict on selling products on the street, only in special events and permission is required to the city hall, but now cities have been more flexible with the installation of food trucks in different events such as concerts, fairs and shopping related events.

Street food festivals in Barcelona city


We already went around vintage and second hand markets in Barcelona and some of them include street food as well, you will see them mentioned again below. Street food festivals are growing and it is a cheap way of eating out and it doesn't have to be fast food as some imagine. Eat street can be meticulous, good quality and gourmet, you will see gourmet burgers, eggs with truffle oil and other delish dishes.

Eat street is not only about food trucks, it is about street food in all the concept, they gather chefs with or without restaurant and with or without food truck, what matters the most is the quality of food and that they are eager to put 100% in what they do.

Piknik electronic is a music event, entrances per person start at 14 euros and as any good event there is food involved and they decided to bring street food into it. Piknik hosts the best food trucks in the city, among them Llaüt del Empord+à, Lady Buti, Cor de Bou and Fogons urbans.

Sound eat music festival held in Barcelona, the entrance is 8 euros per person and goes hand in hand with gastronomy. The line-up goes with a food truck street food from Corazón de Agave, Petit Bangkok, Masala'73, Flying Kitchen and Bread & Circuses. Two restaurants from town will offer their food on a foodtruck exclusively in Sound eat: Surf House and 4 latas. There are also activities for children from 13:00h to 17:00h.

All those food market is market focused on craft food with the objective to revolutionize the food scene in Barcelona with gastronomic artisans and entrepreneurs. See the video to get a taste on how it is to attend an all those food market edition.

Cierto pelo market Barcelona is held in Santa Coloma de Gramanet, is a second hand and handmade market, the designers are mainly from Gramanet but also from other catalan cities. The event is during a full day and there is live music and also street food fromEurekaStreetfood.

Palo Alto Market is a creative market about art and design, it is the most stylish market and has a wide range of products from design, vintage to hand-made. There are workshops, galleries and live music performance. The street food stalls are a bif part of the event, quality and poshy food trucks we could say. There is an entrance fee per person of 2 euros.

Lost and Found is a second-hand market that is done 4 times a year and they sell exclusively vintage goodies and second hand that sometimes goes together with Van Van market.

Van Van market is the slow street food market, gastronomad market that changes location every time in Barcelona and guarantees a good quality of food, ecological and km0. Different cuisines go together in the Van Van market, from Mexican, Chinese, to Thailandese and Peruvian.

Street food festivals outside Barcelona city

The food truck madness has arrived to the surroundings of Barcelona with the Happy food trucks in Manresa and Street Market Castellar del Vallés among others.

The Sabadell Veggie Fest is a special event of one day only where there are workshops, ioga classes, veggie stands, food trucks and much more. It is a dog friendly event and they even have water recipients for them all day long. The Mercantic de Sant Cugat has its own fame for being a permanent flea market for furniture, and antiques and of course street food had to be there.

Street food festivals in Catalonia

Costa Brava Fashion Weekend -CBFW- in Sant antoni de calonge


I went this summer to the Costa Brava Fashion Weekend(CBFW), and it was full of food trucks, paradise for any foodie and of course shopping addicts had their deal as well. It is a weekend full with local brands of clothes, accessories and jewellery mainly all around nature, with street food and live music.

White summer in Pals is the event in Costa Brava in the month of August, summer time is the perfect moment to think about the next season. More than 200 brands gathered in the last edition, from clothes, accessories, perfumes, furniture, jewellery and much more.

Local tip: if you want to know the next events where food trucks will be present stay tunned and follow the website Siga el Food Truck (literally means, follow the food truck). The web shows the next events where food trucks will be present.

My favorite food trucks in Catalonia

Caravan made: Caravan made, apart from being a very cute caravan is the place to find gourmet sandwiches with El celler de can roca touch, Javi Ruz worked there and with Silvia are the faces of caravan made.

Reina Croqueta: If you like croquettes, this is your place, we follow Reina Croqueta everywhere they go, Roger and myself are huge fans of croquettes, every new flavour is an experience. I tried mushrooms, iberian ham, chicken, beef with curry, morcilla from León, bacon and raisins, 4 cheeses and cod. But they have 25 different flavours, so I still have some to go to try them all.

They have two menus available one with 6 croquettes that costs 5 euros ana another one with 8 croquettes that costs 6 euros. We normally go for 8!


Maria una crepe: I like the crêpes from Maria una crêpe, they do them with buckwheat flour, it is gluten free a good choice for those that can't eat gluten, and the taste is great, I love them! I go for the salty galettes, the three cheeses, frankfurt with cheese or anything with egg, I am an egg addict.

If you know any other food truck market share it in comments below! We want to know them all


Ema commented over 3 years

Hi, we are moving to Barcelona from Holland. We would like to start our own food truck. Could you share some knowledge on where and how to start in Barcelona. Thanks

Freek de Romijn commented about 2 years in response to Ema

Goedenavond Ema, Ik ben eigenaar van Rrrollend Food Festivals in Nederland. Wij organiseren sinds 2014 festivals door heel Nederland. Ik ben heel benieuwd of het starten van een Foodtruck in Barcelona Is gelukt? Zo ja, misschien leuk om een keer te connecten. Ik hoor graag Gr

Meritxell commented over 3 years in response to Ema

Hi Ema!! Thanks for your comment, I am no expert in starting a food truck business so I am not able to guide you deeply on this. I would recommend you to call 012, where you can ask your questions to the government in regards to permissions. The best of luck!

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