The truth is that it was very difficult to choose the route for Travel Bloggers meeting. The options were: swimming with tunas, learning about gladiators, gastronomic routes, kayak at the river Ebre and much more. I don't know why but when I saw an activity with dolphins I thought I had to go there. So there I was ready to go to a one to one with a dolphin in Aquopolis la Pineda.

What is Aquopolis la Pineda?

Aquopolis is a water park located in La Pineda de Mar, it is located less than an hour from Barcelona. The park has different water attractions like jacuzzis, swimming pools, sledges and rubber rings can be rented. Aquopolis also has a dolphin show where you can see all their skills working with their carers and trainers.

The dolphins

Dolphins are very interesting creatures and they are kind of cute, everyone likes dolphins, right?. They live between 40 to 45 years, I didn't know it was that long so they have a long life to live. The eat blue fish mainly and in Aquopolis they have an accurate control of their diet. They eat three kinds of blue fish: sprats, herring and "kepling" -not sure if I am spelling it right-.

They consume frozen fish at -21 degrees and the quality of it is for human beings, so not bad... Every animal has its special diet and requirements by sex, weight and also if there are special needs ( if they are pregnant for example).

One interesting fact is that dolphins do not drink water from the sea, but they extract the water they need from the fish they eat.

The experience: being with dolphins

Being with dolphins

Being with dolphins

We were a group of 4/5 people at a time to interact with them as they need to be calm and cannot be surrounded by a lot of people. I was amazed how curious the dolphins are, we were standing near the pool and they were coming at the edge of the swimming pool to see what we were doing. They were excited to interact with us, they are social animals and have a natural instinct to mingle with humans.

We sat at the edge of the swimming pool with our legs inside the pool and we had a trainer right next to us. The trainer was directing the dolphin to come to us and showing us how to place the hands so they would come to touch us.

It was beautiful, they are very nice and welcoming and they loved to be touched. They have a very soft skin and although they are quite big mammals they make you feel comfortable.

Dolphins are incredibly smart and can learn different orders and movements, we learnt some of them with the help of the trainer. They are also very grateful, I totally loved the experience and I would recommend it to any animal lover and those who are doubting I would say that I am not very keen about animals in general but they are very friendly and loving that I enjoyed so much.

I am not particularly into animals, this is probably the only post that I had an experience with animals, you can take my word! I thought it was an amazing experience, not only for having the chance to touch them and interact with them but also to learn more about dolphins and how they take care of them in captivity.

The experience costs 74 euros per person to have a close contact with the dolphins, you can find all the details of the experience in Aquopolis dolphin experience. The experience has a maximum capacity of 8 people at a time, so book in advance if you don't want to miss out!


Passeig Pau Casals, 65 43481 La Pineda (Vila-seca)

Entrance fee to Aquopolis: from 15 euros if you book in advance online

VIP Dolphin experience: 74 euros per person

I loved the experience, I totally recommend it! They are amazing animals, I learnt a lot about them! Do you like dolphins?

Disclaimer: The experience has been offered by Costa Daurada Tourism Board at TBM Conference. As you always know, no one can't buy love so this is my honest opinion on the services offered.