Gastronomy is a big part of the experience when travelling to a new city, Catalan cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine with a special focus on the quality of products and Extra virign olive oil is the star of every dish.

Taverna Hoffman offerts a traditional cuisine and the quality of the product is there with no doubt, Hoffman is a famous brand in Barcelona, they have different restaurants and a cooking school.

The make their own bread, desserts coming from the Hoffman bakery, it is the perfect place to enjoy a traditional meal with all the details and quality it deserves.

We have been only once, but after having an amazing dinner we will be back for sure. what we did is to share the starters among all the table and then each of us took a main dish individually. I recommend you to save some space in your stomach for dessert, as Hoffman desserts are famous and when I show you the one I ordered you will understand why.

Starters to share

Starter prices go from 7 to 14 euros a dish, depending on the order. We had the Croquettes "La Taverna", Patatas bravas, Baby squid marinated Andalusian, Coca ham, Artichokes with sausage and truffle and some fish round croquettes they had on the daily specials.

In the picture in the upper left you have their bravas with all i oli and a spicy sauce, on the upper right you have the Andalusian fried squid and at the bottom left the ham coca -coca is a fine bread- and on the bottom right you have the artichokes we ordered.

As a main

Main dish prices go from 11 to 34 euros per dish, it really depends if you are ordering a rice for example or sea food. I had ravioli filled in with crab and fishy sauce, they were very good but this dish is not in the permanent menu but was part of the daily specials as well. They have very good grilled meat as welll, typical from Catalonia we call it "a la brasa" as they cook the meat in a sort of fireplace.



Last but not least, dessert is one of the big pieces of the meal at Hoffman, I ordered an egg that looked exactly like a hen egg but it was actually a chocolate egg with coconut feeling for the egg white and the egg yolk was made with a creamy mango sauce. On the side, I had little biscotti to eat along with the creamy mango inside the egg, if you like mango and coconut this is your star dessert with no doubt.


We were a table of 5, so we could share 5/6 starters and then have a main each, I would recommend you to choose an occasion where you can go with a medium group as this way you will be able to try more starters, they were very good all of them. The average price per person for lunch or dinner ordering from the menu is around 30/35 euros per person, if you order wine as well it might go up a little bit more.

The quantity of the dishes is more than enough, don't expect food piling up but having some starters and a main you will be full, and if you follow my advice to order a dessert you will be more than served.

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