One of the greatest things of being a travel blogger and a traveller is the opportunity to meet other travellers on the way but also attend to travel meetings around. This was my first time in the anual spanish travel meeting TBM, and I was so exited to meet up with the spanish blogosphere. I attended last year to TBEX in Girona and it was an amazing experience but there was more presence of international travellers.

Day 1: Start of the TBM

So there I was on my way to the TBM with my travel blogger friends: Vero from Viajandopor and Roser from Sempre viaggiando, enjoying the landscape on the train.

My first activity was to go for a show cooking at Tarragona market where I met Rebeca from Debocados and Iosu from, and we could enjoy our early lunch together. And this was the result, could not be better to start the TBM, could it?


In the afternoon officially started the TBM conference at Palau de congressos of Tarragona with the presentation of our hosts: Terres de l'Ebre and Costa Daurada.

After the presentation we headed to Torre del Pretori where Magí Seritjol, the director of Tarraco viva -a cultural festival that shows the roman culture and history- explained us how they lived in the ancient rome and we also discovered something we didn't know:

Magí Seritjol did an amazing speech about ancient Tarraco and the romans you could tell he loves history and we enjoyed very much this bit of Tarraco Viva. After the speech we could experience Tarraco Viva through a live concert of roman music with the musicians of Lvdi Scaenici.

This is part of the concert we enjoyed, amazing!

After the concert we were delighted with a dinner by Asociación de Restaurantes de la Part Alta

Day 2: The conferences start

This was the ipad in hand conference event. I loved the traveler conversation part, where a group of 10 bloggers had 5 minutes each to talk about what they do and what is their blog about. It was great to know new faces and blogs.

The best conference for me was from Juan A. Martinez, Somos viajeros blog who explained how to travel with children, and it was so true and very well explained that I think all bloggers enjoyed it and we were unanimous. Great job Juan!! Children and adults don't have the same rhythm during the day and we need to adapt, in this process we will learn to travel like kids again and discover places we would not go to if it was not for them. Great lesson from a dad!

We went to have dinner to an amazing place: Cooperativa de Gandesa, a wine cellar in Gandesa done by the architect César Martinell, a Gaudí's student. Great wines, life music, food, chocolate and more surrounded by amazing travellers.


Day 3: swimming with dolphins, paintball and sailing

What I liked the most the dolphins, they are so cute and nice and we shared our moments together, learning about this incredible and smart animals! I really enjoyed the experience.

My first time at paintball and a nice afternoon sailing through the coast of Cambrils. Very soon posts on this amazing activities I did.


Day 4: Roger & me on a bike 25km through Terres del Ebre + lunch + driving our own boat

This was our couple day at Terres de l'Ebre. Roger did not believe I could actually ride a bike, and I did a demonstration of my skills during 25km, so now there is prove I actually can ride a bike and it was beautiful to go through all this rice fields and we even found some horses on our path.

After 25km we were happy but exhausted and a lunch was waiting for us with fresh fish at Casa Nuri and an afternoon spent driving our own boat through the river Ebre. You can see Roger driving the boat as my orientation and driving skills are still to be developed...( I can't get oriented, I just can't, but anyway that's why we do the perfect match!)


Another amazing experience, I leave you with a taste of it, all the details to come!

As a recap:

These events are the perfect place to discover new areas and do things you never imagined you would like being hand in hand with dolphins or driving a boat. It is a discovering of new areas, cities and the essence of culture. I love it!

One of the things I love the most on this events is to meet new people, people you follow on twitter, blogs you read and discover new things and have great conversations. I can say that I learnt a lot from other bloggers and I had an amazing experience. I can't wait to go to the next TBM!

Disclaimer: The experiences have been offered by Terres de l'Ebre and Costa Daurada at TBM conference. As you always know, no one can't buy love so this is my honest opinion on the services offered.


Madaboutravel commented about 7 years

M'hagués agradat tant poder ser-hi! però no, un altre any que vaig i m'ho perdo :( Això sí, és genial veure com de bé t'ho vas passar... Un petonàs!

Meritxell commented about 7 years in response to Madaboutravel

Ens ho vam passar molt bé!! L'any vinent més.

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