You know I love Barcelona and it always a good opportunity to be on a tour to find out more about the city. I had the chance to attend a tour around ancient Barcelona with Trip4real, from the roman empire remains to the most known Kings and counts in Catalonia.

Our tour started in the Cathedral of Barcelona, a gem that was built during 600 years, it is beautiful on the inside and we visited for free, there are different times when the entrance has a fee check out the schedule.

There are two interesting facts in the inside of the cathedral, one is that there is a cloisters where there are 13 gooses. Possibly you might never senn gooses on the inside of a cathedral, but this was the most effective system to avoid theft as gooses would start quacking and would alert that someone was on the inside.

Why 13? This is another thing that might surprise some but as you might be aware of the old patron saint of Barcelona was Eulalia and she died when she was 13 years old after she was tortured 13 times.

On the right hand side of the Cathedral, part of the old roman fortress remains, two towers that were in one of the cities entrances to the inside. The roman fortress in Barcelona was built with all different parts of stones from everywhere: columns, old temples, headstones etc... For many years archeologists and experts came to study this parts of the fortress to find out more about the roman life, their materials etc..

We also visited the Augustus temple, this is not something that a lot of people know that exists, the roman temple of Augustus was built during the Imperial period as place of worship for the Emperor Augustus.

The temple it is located now in Paradis street number 10, this location used to be Taber Hill in roman times which was the highest montain in the roman Barcino, now located in the city center on the street level.

The temple was distroyed at some point and the ruins were not discovered until 19th century, the 4 columns that remain are magnificient and you can sit down and see them from the ground level, they are very tall so we can imagine the magnificence of the building at that time.

Augustus Temple

Augustus Temple

We visited the Born area, Santa Maria del Mar that is called people's church as it was with the effort and sacrifice of the people in town that it was built and it is a very appreaciated church for the community. It became very famous after Ildefonso Falcones wrote the novel the Cathedral of the Sea.

Right in from Santa Maria del Mar is el Fossar de les Moreres, it is a very special place for catalans as in that square are buried the defenders of Barcelona's city in the Succesión War. On 11th September 1714 Barcelona lost the war, catalans celebrate on 11th September every year their national day to remember that day.

This feeling is very catalan, we might have lost a battle but not the war and so we celebrate that and it is our national day. In Fossar de les moreres there is a flame burning at all times to remember the dead in the war that are buried in the place.

We also visited Plaça de Sant just, I remembered all the jews and christians stories from the Jewish Tour I did and the dinner at Palau Requesens.

Our tour ended up in Plaça Sant Jaume where we could see the town hall and the government building as well, beautiful on the inside and they can be visited in special occasions during the year.

I enjoyed the tour, our tourist guide Viçens was very kind and explaining legends around the buildings and areas we were passing by was very good. I always like to know all this gossip and legend stuff around places so it make our tour very fun and information is easier to remember when there is an interesting fact.

If you would like to be part of this experience you can book it at Trip4real (15 euros per person). They do have a wide range of toursfor you to discover Barcelona. My experience was done in Spanish but it can be booked in Spanish, English, French and Catalan.

Disclaimer: I was invited to participate in this experience in Trip4real through Blogonbrands platform. As always, no one can't buy love, so this is my honest opinion about it.