Bravas is my favorite tapa ever. I love them, and so I am always looking for new places to discover and keep my record of best places for bravas up to date.

So far, I have some favorites in Barcelona that I will show you. I like the kind of bravas that have a spicy flavor but with a base sauce of all i oli or garlic mayonnaise. I don't like the tomato sauce in bravas or ketchup kind. So you will see what I mean when you see the photographs.

Bravas are so special and is the unique tapa that you can find everywhere, each bar has bravas, because it is done with simple ingredients: fried potatoes -sort of, they normally boil them first, and then fried-, for the allioli sauce they use garlic, oil and an egg yolk. The spicy sauce is really the personal touch of the place, that is why I dont like this sauces from a pot, the ketchup kind but rather a more natural homemade one.

Let's start the bravas tour around Barcelona:

Bar Tomás

This is the star of this list, it might be the most known place ever in Barcelona as it is known to have the best bravas in town. If you don't know their bravas yet you totally need to try them out. As all my favorites, they have an all i oli sauce with spicy touch, natural potatos cut by hand. Don't think that the place is empty, it is no secret that they have the best ones in town, so go early if you want to get a place.

A little trick that the locals know, is that there is a bar right in the corner from the same owners that have the same amazing bravas and it is not as crowded as the Bar Tomás. The Bar is called Bar-Ivorra 10, the street called Ivorra, number 10, turn left from Bar Tomás and it is right on the corner.

La trini

I discovered La Trini restaurant by chance, we were having dinner right before going to the cinema and we ordered some bravas that turned out to be great. Their Bravas though are great as well, they have threesome bravas made with potato with all i oli, yuca with tartara sauce and sweet potato with pesto.


This one I liked absolutely every part of the bravas tapa, the allioli was creamy and tasted delicious, I love the garlic taste, the spice it is in the right amount and the potatoes well cut, handmade and fried to the perfect time.


Bravas from La Burg

I am so fan of bravas that I tend to ask for a dish anywhere I can. So here I was the discovering very golden bravas with a lovely spicy sauce. They are crunchy and the sauce is thick garlic allioli with spices on top of the potatoes.


Bravas from La Esquinica

This place is amazing, fantastic tapas of any kind, but the bravas do deserve a mention. All i oli and spicy bravas, very delish. Get early to this place if not you will have to queue on their waiting room improvised on the street.You cannot book a table so be early to find a place.


Bravas de Casa Pepe

This place is so out of the touristy routes, but you should make it a must stop as it is great for fishy dishes, very good prices and tapas too. So here are their bravas, plenty of all i oli sauce, lovely garlic flavour. You cannot book a table so be early to find a place.


Daniel commented over 7 years

Yummy! Can't wait to try them all! :P

Chelsea Rae Schmidt commented about 7 years

Love Bravas! I actually posted a recipe on my site for making them at home, complete with aioli sauce and a tomate/onion sauce. I prefer to mix the two sauces together. Patatas Bravas -

Meritxell commented about 7 years in response to Chelsea Rae Schmidt

Bravas are great!! I never made them at home, I shall try!

Thomas commented almost 7 years

I love traveling, the pics do stimulate my salivary glands.Am based in Cameroon its a long journey to reach their, if you do have great occassions then see to invite me.

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