I was so excited when going to London, when I used to live there, my friend Sara and me wanted to go to the Jack the Ripper Tour, but you know is one of these things that you always say you will do and then all of sudden you don't live there anymore and you haven't done it.

So as I was going to London to visit for some days we decided to plan ahead and book for the Jack the Ripper Tour. We were surfing the internet for options as we were not sure on which one was the best, so we decided to go for Premium Tours and their Jack the Ripper Tour. We were very lucky as the tour we wanted we find a great deal in mighty deals for half price. If you visit London and you are planning to do some activities around I would totally recommend signing in as you will receive the deals daily and some can interest you.

Look at us, we got the tour for 15 pounds instead of 30 pounds that is the website fee.So the tour was about two hours, and there was a part in the coach and also a walk, approximately one hour each part. We had the most amazing tour guide, Derek, he knew everything about the City and also about Jack the Ripper with all details. He was wearing a badge as a city of London tour guide, we could tell from the very beginning that it was going to be a great tour.

Derek was explaining all the dark sides of London and as well all other monuments and important places that we were passing by on the coach. We took a 50 minute walk to see all the scenarios where the Jack the Ripper murders took place.


We started the walking tour looking at a plaque in honour of Braveheart and the story of how he was tortured. Also at Bartholomew's hospital were the Elephant man used to live.

However, the Jack the Ripper tour started when approaching the East End of London, the center of crime and vice in the 19th

Century in London. In 1888, a murderer that was never found managed to butcher 5 women in the east end in Whitechape. We were standing where Katherine Eddows died in 1888, we walk through White Chapel area, the Ten Bells Pub, the Frying Pan alley and some other key points to the Jack the Ripper story.Derek explained the modus operandi of the murderer, always strangled the victim until she was unconscious and then cut her throat almost decapited her and he started to take out all organs from the stomach and sometimes even take out a part that was never found along with the body such as a kidney, uterus etc..

The cases remain unsolved until now but with all the tour I have learned what the suspects of the murders were, numerous of theories, how it happened and where with all details. It was very interesting. I did know so little about it before and know I remember all this information and I enjoyed the tour so much that I already saw a film about it called: From Hell where Johnny Deep appears, the film is recommended, it is based on the crown conspiracy theory about the murders.

Last stop of the tour is the Sherlock Holmes pub, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle inspector. The pub is very nice and all the decoration sticks to the time where the books take place.



Joven commented almost 8 years

I hope I can visit this city soon. If I would have a chance to study in London, I would. Nice post btw! :)

txele commented almost 8 years in response to Joven

Thanks for your comment Joven! London is amazing, you should visit! And Jack the Ripper tour was a great experience as well for me. Hope to see you around!

Maloe Sniekers commented over 7 years

Hi there, My name is Maloe Sniekers and I am a PhD student at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I am doing research on crime tours in Europe. I read your blog about the Jack the Ripper tour and was very impressed! Therefore, I would love to interview you via telephone about your tour participation and experience. It would benefit my research tremendously! All the best, Maloe Sniekers

Meritxell commented over 7 years in response to Maloe Sniekers

Hi Maloe! Thanks for your comment, you can contact me through the about section, send me an email with the details so we can talk about it. Thanks

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