The best views of Barcelona can be seen from Turó de la Rovira, standing at 262 metres above the sea level, the Turó has incredible 360º views of the city. The place was a strategic site for the defense of Barcelona during the Civil War in Spain.

It is interesting to mention that 15 years ago no one outside from the neighbourhood would go to Turó de la Rovira, and it was seen more like a dodgy place than the cool place that it is now.

After a restoration and heritage project by MUHBA the space has become a popular stop among tourists and locals, and since it is a historic place there are information panels in the area pointing at the different uses of the remaining structures.

Best views of Barcelona from Turó de la Rovira

Observing Barcelona from Turó de la Rovira

Observing Barcelona from Turó de la Rovira

Turó de la Rovira

Turó de la Rovira

The turó de la Rovira is also called "Bateries antiaeries" del Carmel they are anti-aircraft batteries that helped defend Barcelona from air attacks, there are also traces of the shantytown Canons district that survived until 1990.

After the war, a neighborhood grew on that point called "Barri dels Canons" that built up around the anti-aircraft batteries and some on the same battery. If you look at the floor, you can still see some of the tiles that used to be in the houses built on top of the Turó. In there lived up to 600 people, most of them immigrants from others parts of Spain that came to Catalonia to find work and a better life. The neighborhood remaind until the 90's, when all the "favelas" constructions were demolished in that area of Barcelona.

The place is half way between two well-known monuments in Barcelona, Park Güell and Hospital de Sant Pau. As mentioned this area has become popular recently and is starting to appear in the best travel guides. My recommendation is to visit the place in the afternoon, near the sunset, it is beautiful to see the light hide behind the city.

The Turó, is an anti-craft battery so don't expect fancy bars or kiosks selling refreshments up on the hill, be prepared and bring your own snacks and drinks but be clean, we all want to enjoy the place!

The place has become so trendy that even appeared in the film "Ho voglia di te" based in a book of Federicco Moccia, it shows the Turó de la Rovira. MUHBA has opened up some spaces of el Turó as a museum, check their website to see opening times and pre booked visits to this spaces.

How to get to Turó de la Rovira

There is no entrance fee, so your pocket will not suffer in the visit. I recommend you to take with you some drinks and some snacks to observe the city. But please be clean, and collect your trash to put it where it belongs, not in the Turó. You can get there by public transport with the bus 28 or 24 that goes from Plaça Catalunya or take the underground until Guinardó stop in the yellow line (L4) and climb up until the Turó.