I never though I would be writing a post called the hostel of my dreams, I never liked hostels a lot after couple of interesting experiences I had when I was a teen. My first experience was when going with a friend to Dublin, sleeping with 10 other women in the same room, I remember tha when I arrived somebody had taken my bed...so let's say that I was at 2am with no bed to sleep in.

Luckily, this was just a bad start but I did not gave up on hostels. You know how I travel, cheap but nice and I love designed hotels and boutique type so I thought why not trying to go to hostels that have this style.

We started our hostels round two in Marrakech at the Equity Point Hostel, where we enjoyed a local riad, lovely building, atmosphere, we loved it. We are a techy couple so there are certain things that are a must for us:

  • Private room for two with a double bed
  • Wifi: we cannot live without internet, so we make sure there is wifi in the accommodation we choose
  • Possibility to cook, as this reduces the cost and it is a great chance to go local in the area, shop in the market and mingle with other people
  • Breakfast: local specialties are a plus!!
  • +1: swimming pool, excursions and activities organized from the hostel

Equity point Marrakech

Equity point Marrakech

So...our next round of hostels is in Thailand. We are so exited to go to Hisukhumvit hostel in Bangkok. We booked a private room, on our budget per night under 25 euros per room, you can see our full and detailed budget of Thailand.

Hi Sukhumvit is a style hostel with an amazing terrace to look at the city from the top of the hotel, we can't wait to stay with them!

There is something called luxury hostels I saw at the budget traveller blog , a hostel with a touch, designed and cool hostels around Europe, I loved the idea and I am determined to try it more often and see all possibilities that they can offer. A hostel can be a lot of things you just need to look for what you need to fulfill your needs and go for it.

Disclaimer: This post is an entry for a contest organized by Hostel Bookers during the Travel Bloggers Meeting, as always the opinion and content is my own.