I joined a tour called The Montjuïc & Panoramic Tour Barcelona . At first I thought that it did not have much sense as I was from Barcelona, so I probably knew a lot of what they could explain. But then I realised that actually even though we are natives, sometimes we do not take the time to look around and enjoy, as we go running, working, taking the kids to school, shopping or any other thing in our routine.

So there I was, I took the bus in Catalunya's Square and we went up to Montjuïc, the guide explained the monuments of the city while passing by, but the tour was focused on Montjuïc and el Poble Espanyol, so the important part was in the up part of the city.

Our first stop was at the Mirador del Alcalde, a viewpoint in Montjuïc where you can see all the city on your feet. Even though it is not one of the most famous viewpoints it was a great spot to take pictures. The most famous viewpoint in town is El Miramar.

If you are new into town it is a great tour to know a bit of the history of Barcelona and visit a part of the city that you do not pass by every day as it is up in the monutains. It is a great opportunity to take pictures if all Barcelona, great views from Montjuïc.

The Poble Espanyol is a place that was built in the Universal Exhibition in Barcelona and the aim was to gather typical architecture and building from all over Spain. In one space you can visit reproductions of buildings all over Spain. But not only buildings are reproduced in the Poble Espanyol but also there are artisans and shops that sell typical products from different regions in the country.

It is a nice area to go for a walk, have a drink or eat something and also buy some goodies typical from other parts of the country. There is an entrance fee for Poble Espanyol, but the tour includes the entrance too, so there was no extra fee for us to get inside.


All buildings are labeled with a number, as they give the possibility to hire some audioguides so you can listen to the explanations and history of each building reproduced in there. I was lucky as we had a tour guide that explained the buildings while walking through the area.

I totally recommended, I enjoyed it myself being from the city so I am sure you will learn a lot of things you were not aware that happened in Barcelona.

Disclaimer: The guided tour has been offered by get your guide. As you always know, no one can't buy love so this is my honest opinion on the services offered.

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