Going around the Gothic Area in Barcelona I discovered a little perfume shop called the Perfumery, in a very magic location in the heart of the Jewish quarter in Barcelona. One wall of the shop used to be part of Barcelona‘s Roman Walls that surrounded the city during the roman times, in case you are not into perfume you still have a good reason to visit it.

In the shop you will feel surrounded by the essence, perfumes and history not only due to the location but also because you will be next to perfumes that used Napoleon or Jackie Kennedy. Smells that can drive you to the most unique places only with the feeling that they give you through the smell.

The first time I have been to the perfumery, they showed us all the shop and we learned so many things about fragrances and perfumes. It reminded me so much about the film the perfume, possibly one of the least used senses nowadays is the smell and when you are surrounded with fragrances all of a sudden you remember that you have it.

There are three levels, from lowest to the highest essence: eau de cologne, eau de toilette, and Eau de perfume. We discovered as well that citric perfumes will last less time in your skin compared to other essences that will last more time in your skin such as patchouli or cedar. There is a perfume for every occasion and it is interesting to understand the specifics so your choice is more conscious

We found something very interesting, I used to watch movies about aristocracy, kings and queens and I did remember a name that appeared there and I also saw that in the shop: Rancé.

Rancé perfumes

Rancé perfumes

Rancé family became very famous when producing perfumed gloves for the French Aristocracy in France since 1600. After that, Rancé specialized in perfumery and created very refined perfumes in that time. He became the Emperor's favorite perfumist–Napoleon and Josephine-.

There are perfumes from 35 euros to 400 euros, so you can choose your perfume according to your budget and the variety of choices they offer you.