I recently explained you my reflexion after a year of discovery in 2014, from Brazil back to the roots of what really matters up to New York full of consumism and marketing claims.

I am in my second face of discovery, travelling is one of the things I am most passionate about but the second one is learn, learn new things and change my perspective. I have certainly changed my perspective of things and I am going through a different kind of trip: the travel of things.

I realized I have so many stuff I don't use, from clothes, to kitchenware, books I will never read, gifts I never used and things once I thought I needed but I don't need any more. I am going through all my stuff doing piles of what I want to keep and what kind of things I want to toss.

One of my objectives this year is declutter my house, and keep only the things I value, and free myself from the rest I don't get any value from and keep me away from my freedom.

I started selling some of the things I had in my toss pile in wallapop -mobile app to sell 2nd hand/new stuff-, and finding new ways of resusing things. I donate my unused clothes to Humana and brought my books to re-read to be used by someone else.

Since I am getting a great feeling decluttering my house, not only is a discovery of how much crap you are able to buy and keep forever just on the thought that maybe someday you will use it but I am also redoing my priority list of things that matter.

From the start I already change my habits of buying new stuff, and I only buy things I really need or that bring value.So before buying something I think: will this take away my freedom or brings any value to me? Most of the times I end up leaving it in the shelf. Which brings me to my next objective: save money.

I am also reusing, in a busy life like ours we throw away many thanks and sometimes we don't realize we can give another use to this objects. I am giving a second life to glass pots, cases,

Without realizing I am saving money, and investing some of it in the things I always wanted to do and for one reason or another I never did. I think that I never actually sat down to think what I wanted because I was so overwhelmed with everything else: find things, TV, buy and buy unnecessary things...

Now I started singing in group and I having lots of fun, I started a great course on essential oils and doing hand made body products (creams, infused oils, lip balms etc...). And planning my next steps: do hand-made soap and try more recipies for body products. I am getting this new motivation to learn more about plants, medicinal applications and diy products that are easy to do and natural.

Live simple life

It seems very difficult but when you start there is no go back, what can be easier than having only 4 trousers, you don't have to think a lot when you want to dress up, do you? I encourage you to start the 333 project, very interesting to realize that you can live with only 33 pieces of clothing, and you will even mutiple benefits when doing it.

A simple life, you will engage as soon as you try it, think what you want to do and do it, declutter your house and your mind, do what you want to do that comes with value.

I have been reading a lot about it and learnt from others who started before me, find some of the resources here:

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Book: Everything that remains by the minimalists

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