Autumn is the perfect time to visit Barcelona, from September to November high season has come to an end, and when September starts kids are back to school, Barcelona starts to flourish again after a busy summer and August holidays.

The weather is warm but not as hot as in summer, with a thin sweater you can go by during your days in the city.The temperature in autumn is around 15ºC to 21ºC, perfect to enjoy the tourist attractions or you can still go to the beach since during those months the water temperature is still good if the sun is up. I will share my local knowledge being a "barcelonina" so you take the most of the city during autumn, no guides will explain you that!

La castanyada: the catalan halloween


Long before Halloween even existed, Catalans celebrated la castanyada, it is celebrated the 1st of November and comes from an ancient celebration that used to honor the dead. We eat during la castanyada: castanyes which are chestnuts in Catalan, as well as "panellets" that are a typical Catalan pastry done for this date.

You will see ladies selling chestnuts and sweet potatoes on the street around 1st November to follow the tradition, if you buy some chestnuts from "la castanyera" -lady who sells chestnuts-, you will have warm roasted chestnusts wrapped in a newspaper -called paperina-, with this you are all set to eat them in the street.

Panellets deserve a larger explanation and you have to taste them if you are around at that time of the year. They are a traditional dessert and are often accompanied with sweet wine -moscatell is my favorite-. Panellets are small cakes in different shapes, normally round and made mainly of marzipan (almonds and sugar paste). The traditional panellet is round and covered with pine nuts and then varnished with egg whites. Panellets come from the 18th century and they were used as blessed food for religious celebrations.

Enjoy Hotel Terraces


You still have time to visit the best hotel terraces in Barcelona, you only need to check my recommendations, get a sweater and go for it! Some of them they have live music and concerts on specific days of the week, check it out!

Free things to do in Barcelona

The good thing about  free things to do in Barcelona is that most of them are on all year around. You can check at all times a web I love that has all free things to do that happen every week in Barcelona. It can be concerts, museums, courses, workshops, conferences, dance classes...anything. If you want to live the city like a local, check out

Food truck festivals

Barcelona and Catalonia are full of food truck festivals, some that go along with a fashion festival or music concerts, having fun is assured in this eventsand you can eat good quality of food coming from a restaurant in wheels, called food trucks. Follow the foodtruck festivals to know what are the next events!


For the sporties: Autumn races in Barcelona

After summer time we all need to get into shape and for those that are into races it is a good time to run in your city. For those that are on my side of things, I am more a tapa runner going from bar to bar, you can still wait doing some tapas waiting for your beloved ones to finish the race.

16th November: UltraTrail Barcelona: this race is developed around Collserola, Carretera de les Aigües and Cerdanyola among others and that is why is called a mountain race. The race is 100km long with 4500 metres of gradient.

22ndNovember:Jean Bouin: this is a race created to honor the french athlete Jean Bouin. You can run 5km or 10km depending on your preparation.

14th December: 10Km RACC: it takes place in Barcelona's Formula 1 circuit and has three categories, 10km, 5km and children. It is a family event to enjoy with little ones and old ones, before Christmas we all need to get into shape before the big meals.

Sitges Film Festival

Sitges Film Festival is a classic of Autumn, it is an international festival of fantasy genre that fills in Sitges with the latest creations of the talents in Europe. If you are around during that time and you are into fantasy, that's the place to be.

Oktoberfest in Barcelona

The Ockoberfest is the most known beer party held in Munich year after year but what you probably don't know is that Oktoberfest is in Barcelona too. There is free access, a big space of more than 4500m2 and activities for all ages, live music and traditional food. If you want to go for a more exclusive experience they have a VIP area and a lot...of beer for everyone!

*Autumn picture on top of the post is by Ian Sane called Under A Blood Red Sky

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