Barcelona is an incredible city for partying, no doubt about that, there are many nightclubs in Barcelona for all kinds of music and tastes. I did a selection of the top 10 nightclubs in the city, they are the most popular ones so I am sure you will find some of your liking.


Razzmatazz is a classic of Barcelona's nights, it is located in a factory in the industrial area of Poblenou, and with no doubt is one of the most known ones, mainly among students, but you will find people from all kinds. The disco has 5 rooms, each with a different kind of music and atmosphere, they also have a top floor called The loft, that it is a club on itself, the atmosphere it is very different and you might find the coolest young people in the club in there. 

Marula Café

Marula Café is the place for black music lovers, they have the agenda full every day of the week, it is the perfect club to dance until you can't be in your shoes anymore. They play R&B and Michael Jackson among others and the music 100% danceable, not a lot of places can say that.

Sala Apolo

Sala Apolo is the reference of those who go out at night in Barcelona, the club is opened almost every day playing pop-rock and new wave during the week, and very famous for their Monday party called Nasty Mondays. At the weekend, they have Nitsa party very famous since they play electronic music, with well known artists and good quality. The venue is for the nostalgic, located in a theatre and with a very good quality sound, you just need to want to dance.

Opium Mar

Opium Mar is one of the discotheques in the sea side in Barcelona, it is next to other clubs following the same model of club such as Shoko, Catwalk and Sotovento. The club is one of the fewer who gets to close at 6am, their colleagues around close at 3am so if you want to party until late this is your place. All clubs in the area share something in common, they are the fancy kind of club with smart dress code and house music. They have a restaurant and also a terrace to enjoy the amazing views.

Sala Bikini

A classic that started in 1953, but not for that reason is a prehistoric club, they know how to adapt, evolve and change with time. It is a polivalent club, disco in the evening but they host awards, catwalks, conventions, press conferences and much more. In Bikini play comercial music during the weekend, it is a tiny room though so don't expect a macro discotheque.

Once you enter, you need to go down a ramp since the disco is underground, the entrance is 20 euros with a drink, if you are attending a show or a concert you can buy early tickets at a discounted price through their website.

Sala Luz de Gas

This is one of the famous clubs among the 30 something singles in Barcelona, the entrance is 20 euros with a drink, prices are not cheap in this part of town but the atmosphere is good. If you are looking for a fling this might be your place, there are plenty of singles looking for their lucky one for the night or maybe something else.

Be Cool

Be cool is located in the high end in Barcelona, they have their own productions and a regular calendar of concerts, apart from sessions from Thrusday to Saturday. There are two different rooms, the main one where they are concerts and international dj's with eletro techno kind of music. The other room called Redrum, has a cosy atmosphere, with indie music and famous dj's from the underground scene.

City Hall

City hall is the paradise for electronic and techno music lovers, the venue is a theatre from XIX century, one of the oldest in town. The club is right in the city center, in Plaça Catalunya so is very popular due to its location. They have a wide variety of external DJ's coming apart from their weekly agenda with internal DJ's.

Disclaimer: cocktail picture by Edson Hong

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