Lovely city that has a lot to offer, I liked it the first time I stepped out of the plane. All places have a must see list for foreigners but also for locals. I had the chance to ask a fellow travel blogger that lived there almost all her life, so she gave me loads of info on where to go and what to do.

After the experience, this is my personal list on top ten must see attractions in Budapest.

Castle Hill

The castle Hill is on the Buda side of town and it is a UNESCO site. We woke up very early to climb up the mountain on foot, there is a sidewalk to get up there. We walked only up to a part where there is a lift that does the last part and leaves you in the castle. If you like walking it is perfect, you will be able to fill in your lungs with fresh air and also have a look at all the city from a privileged placed.


On one side of the Danube, the Parliament stands magnificent, it is beautiful on the outside. You can also visit the inside of the Parliament with a guided tour. 


Andrassy Avenue

It is a great street to do from top to the bottom, you will see palaces, luxury shops, the Opera House, the Moulin Rouge and the theatre area. You will get to Lizt Férenc square, that is full of restaurants and cafeterias. Is the perfect spot to go around at lunch time, loads of different options. Our favorite was Menza restaurant, they have a great menu and also a closed menu on weekdays for only 900 huf.

Gellért Hill

Budapest is divided by the river Danube in two parts, Buda and Pest. Pest is the modern part of the city and Buda is the old part of town with the castle and the gellert hill. You can go up to the hill to see the view and also go to the baths that are up there. We just saw it from the bottom, we had no energy to hike up but I am sure is a good option.

Great Market Hall

The market hall is something you cannot miss, it is a great place to explore the local food and ingredients. Strudels, cold meat, cheese, paprika, lángos, sausages, goulash...You can find a wide variety of food stalls in the market.


Széchenyi Baths

They are perfect for a relaxing day in Budapest. These baths are sort of public baths, people come here to spend a day with the family enjoying the different swimming pools and steam baths. You can easily see men playing chest, bringing lunch and toys for kids to spend all day. The entrance for the bath is valid for all day, so you can stay from opening to closing time if you wish.

We enjoyed it very much, be warned that the water has a funny smell due to the ingredients of the water. Take some time to explore all the pools and do not miss the outdoor ones even if it is freezing outside take the leap.


Váci street and Vörösmarty square

Famous pedestrian street in Budapest and shopping centre. Take the chance to stop by and drink some mulled wine, we loved it. Lovely cafeterias and bars, don't miss anna's cafeteria in a corner, great pastries and drinks.

Ruin Bars

One thing I didn't know about Budapest is their ruin bars.Ruin bars are bars that are built in abandoned buildings, some do not have a roof. They were buildings that no one wanted to spend the money to restore. The first ones were a total success, and some more followed. The most famous one that is the the top is szimpla kert. Live like a local and visit some ruin bars, in this website you have all information about them: typical-typical ruin bars of Budapest.

Margaret Island

We went on winter to Budapest so we could not appreciate the island in all the possibilities it has to offer. In summer is a good spot to go for a picnic, as the island is full with parks or have a drink in one of the bars. Although is winter the island is very quiet, we had a great time anyway, we wanted to go for a walk through the parks and we hired this kind of bike-vehicle to go around and it was so much fun.

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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