In Barcelona there are loads of tours to do around and I am sure you might have thought about the typical ones, but what about seeing Barcelona in a tour with a special electric vehicle? What about a trikkle? And you might be thinking, what is a trikkle...So a trikkle is an electric scooter but it has a different shape of what it might come into your head. Have a look below how they look like, those funny trikkles.

I had never been in anything like that, you have a place for each leg, and to start you need to balance to the front so your weight helps you to kick off to start. It takes some minutes to get used to it and you might be all stressed out at first but you will see it is very easy, believe me I am such a disaster in these things and I got it right. It is an amazing way to look at the city, fast as it can go up to 25km/hour and it gives you the chance to experience the city in a different way.

The trikkles

What are the trikkles exactly? They are electric scooters, it works kind of like a motorbike you control the strength from the handlebar and also the brakes. It is very stable, at first when you look at it is like wow no way I am going to fall down, but don't worry not at all, as your legs are opened and well sustained by the platform under your feet.

It is stable but not at all rigid, think of it that your body needs to move from one side to the other to turn left or right, so if you like sports such as skiing or skateboarding this might be a thing for you to try.

This movement from one side to the other gives you freedom to move around and try what the trikkle can do, you will be surprised and it is very funny.

Guided Tours with Trikkles

They have different kinds of tours available, we were at the one in Ciutadella that goes along the seaside called Blue liquid-Tour, it is great to go in the morning, a sunny day and you can also have some tapas or eat in the restaurants in the area.

To go around the city with the trikkles you need to go through the bikeways or wide sidewalks, that's why the seaside in Barcelona is the perfect place to use them as there is plenty of space to play with them.

In our guided tour

In our guided tour

The perfect plan for families and friends

The trikkles are very easy to use and it is an alternate way of transportation, responsible as it does not pollute the city and sustainable and ecological as it is an electric vehicle.

It is a great plan for the weekend, it is not only a touristy activity different from the rest but also a fun thing to do with your friends all around the city. We are all from Barcelona and we had a great time, it takes out the little girl you have inside, all of a sudden you find yourself trying to beat your colleagues and see who is the fastest, the one who can do more stuff or who is the first on the queue, it is very good fun.

For families is such a good way to entertain the children, bear in mind that only teenagers older than 14 years of age are allowed, and with the excuse you can enjoy yourself too.At the same time, you are in a guided tour so there is a cultural base of information and there might be some discovering of your own city and if you are visiting for the first time a whole experience of culture+entertainment.

If you try it you would love to come back, believe me we are already planning to try it sometime soon again, it is one of those things that "once you pop, you can't stop!".

Have fun!!!

Me in my trikkle

There are different kinds of tours, a two hour tour is around 45 euros per person and this includes the helmet, the trikkle and a bottle of water. My advice is to book at least a 2 hour tour as time flies when you are with these trikkles.
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Disclaimer: The trikkle tour has been offered by eCity Tours to experience Barcelona. As you always know, no one can't buy love so this is my honest opinion on the services offered.