Travel travel what an amazing thing to do but what about keeping fit and getting slimmer on the way?

I started a diet a year ago and I didn't want to gain weight while travelling so I started my trip going to Sardinia. You might think, how is she gonna make it in Italy? The same thought came into my mind but there are loads of things you can do to enjoy food and try local dishes without gaining with and also saving money.

Here you have my 6 tips:

Walk everywhere you can

Walk is an amazing way to visit a city, is the opportunity to go local, wind around and discover shops, narrow streets and monuments you didn't know that existed. Instead of buying a weekly transport ticket you can only use 1 return a day and walk around the area you have chosen.

Walk will burn out calories and will also help you travel in a different way.

Sport activities

I am not an adventurous lady as you might have noticed already but there are loads of things you can do: bike tours, roller skating, trekking and hiking. Depending where you are you can do more indoor or outdoor activities, it also depens on the weather and if it is a mountain destination or beach.

In Sardinia we used to play on the beach with a ball and paddles, this helps keep you fit and enjoy a lot as well.

In Budapest we walked all around the city, we only took the metro once and we did all away way up to the hill where the castle is, perfect for a morning hike.

In Barcelona we did a trikkle tour, moving our hips to turn and keeping our legs tight.

Different places give you options to visit and also do some sport on the way.

Food: local food with low fat

I will explain you how we managed to loose weight in a week in Sardinia, we love pasta so the temptation was quite high to say no, and what the hell we were in Sardinia, we couldn't avoid pasta or pizza.

What you can do is choose your best dish and balance. I used to ask for pasta with fish, it is typical and also has less calories, I used to eat only one dish if I ate pasta. Check out some of the delish I had:

It is important to balance what you eat, if you eat in a day lots of carbs you will probably put on weight unless you do not burn it out. Avoid cream sauces such as carbonara, red meat if possible, and eat as much as possible veggies, pasta with veggies is a great option.


Breakfast: fruit and bread/cereals

The first meal of the day is very important, you need to eat enough to keep up until lunch time but not overeat. A balanced breakfast should be fruit and bread or cereals.

It is better to split breakfast in two, start the day with a bowl of cereals for example when you get up and two hours later have a bowl of fruit. This way your body is digesting bits of food in two different times so it keep the machine working all the time, this helps your metabolism as well to process the food.

I know hotel buffets are such a temptation and you would jump into it straight away. My advice is to get up only one time, if you allow yourself you will keep on getting up and pile up food this is the human nature.

Think what you want as if it was a mental list and take what you have in your list, tick it up and go back to your table. Enjoy having breakfast but control what you eat.

See my breakfast at Hilton Tower Bridge in London, I totally enjoyed my salmon and yogurt with red fruits:


Lunch: carbs/veggies

There is a false believe that if you want to loose weight you need to stop eating carbs, totally wrong! Your body needs carbohydrates as it is where it takes the energy. What you need to do is to do not exceed the recommended quantity a day.

Eat veggies as much as you can, salads are great for summer time and veggie soups are the perfect match for a for a cold winter. Every cuisine and country have their own dishes that you can discover while keeping a balanced diet.


Desserts: some but no all

It is very complicated to say no to a dessert but you need to keep strong, you can say yes to some of them but not everyday if not you will get lost in the sugar loop.


Another option that I am doing a lot is take this natural yogurt ice creams, they are amazing and also low fat and low calories so they have it all!

Dinner time: the key veggies

Ohh is the time of the day where you should be eating less and low fat and low calories food. In Sardinia we were saving money and eating healthy so everyday we were buying in the supermarket some veggies to eat at the B&B, normally salad, some cheese


No extra calories: soft drinks

If you can avoid it do not drink soft drinks or alcohol as this adds up extra calories on the day. Anything sugary such as the soft drinks, sweets, chocolate etc...are the enemy!!

If you have access to light stuff better: low fat yogurts and semi skimmed or skimmed milk, if you eat biscuits with low calories, so watch out a bit, not too much, don't get obsessed but each calorie counts.

Eating less will save you money and walking more as well as you won't need to pay for other means of transport. Walking will help you go local and you will discover things on the way.

Sometimes we are not aware of how many calories we are eating, a bit of realistic will help you know better what to eat to be in balance. I loved this article on what does 200 calories look like where visually you see how many kg of each ingredient you could eat to count 200 calories. Happy travels and slim up!

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