You know I am crazy about travel book shops and also about travel guides, so I guess you are not surprised that being in Girona going around I found a travel book shop and I had to get in.

So there I was in Ballesteries street number 29 in Ulyssus travel book shop, taking photos like a crazy woman and with my eyes wide open to see all they had in there.

They have very nice sections arranged by continent and country, and they also have a wide variety of books about Spain, Catalonia, Pyrinees etc… They have a whole section about mountain, hiking, trekking and climbing. They have also sections about the sea, astronomy and young readers or children about travel.

You can find guides to travel around the world, maps, travel literature, photo books, gastronomy and cuisine. This travel book shop has a lot history in its shelves; it first opened the doors in 1997 in Girona, two brothers Quim and Josep. The book shop has been the first one specialized in travel around Girona and one of the first ones in Catalonia.

Since they opened, activities related with travel and cultures have been organized, such as conferences, book presentations etc…

If you go to Girona and you like travel book shops as much as I do you have to pop in and have a look around.

I couldn't help it and I got my new guide about Poland, so now you know my next destination on my list!