Travel guides and travel books have helped me in numerous ocasions, knowing the place you are visiting in advance is sometimes the key to success. Of course adventure is good that comes into play, but we want to know what we want to visit, what we can do, eat, traditions that people have in that country and the do's and dont's.

I am a huge fan of travel guides, I am sure you have noticed already and I have my personal shelf of all guides of places I have visited. Let me show you my two favorite places in Barcelona to find all you information you need for your travels:

Altaïr: a travel book store

It is a classic book shop about travel, I love it!!. They have a great collection of books, travel guides, books about cities, maps, anything you might need for your travels.You can seat down in one of their armchairs and decide what book you want to buy, read or browse.

They have all books organized by countries/cities and continents, two storeys of book shop full of experiences, countries and things to discover.

Altaïr it is also a place to find other travellers, there is a noticeboard, where travellers write down what they are looking for: a partner to travel with to Japan, America, adventures and new discoverings.

They have a forum with talks and activites held monthly at the book shop about new realeses of books and guides, but also talks with the authors about countries and travels. Very interesting to assist if you are a travel fan as I am.

You can't miss it if you like to travel and books!

They also sell products, bags, travel notebooks and other tools that you might need for your journey as well.

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes num. 616 08007


Llibre Guia: specialized in mountaineering

One day going around Gràcia area I bumped into Llibre Guia bookshop, a tiny travel book shop in Gràcia that opened its doors in 1998. They are specializes in guides and books about mountaineering, mountain climbing and cartography.

They also have a wide variety of travel guides, maps and travel narrative. If you want to travel the world through photography they have photography books and travel novels so you can travel from home

Address: Travessera de Gràcia, 146 08012 BARCELONA

I hope you liked my recommendations if you know any other travel bookshop in Barcelona please let me know in comments!!

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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