I am always looking for new stuff in the travel world, one interesting thing for me are the travel conferences held in Europe, so I decided to look for new ones that I did not know before. To my surprise I could not find a list about the travel conferences held in Europe so I decided to create my own and here we are. Doing it I am encouraging myself to try to go to the ones that I don't know and keep attending the ones I loved.

If you know any other please share it as there are always local conferences and events that are not known around but are worth attending. With the help of all we can build a very useful list on European Travel related conferences.

This is my 2016/2017 list of Travel Conferences in Europe, you can see brief description below:

If you want to see the travel conferences and dates only in an excel sheet, click on Travel Conferences in Europe.

Barcelona travel conferences

B-travel: annual travel conference, open to the public and also for travel professionals. Iit is held around April every year.

Forum turistic: this year was the first edition and it was very interesting and successful. It is an event about technology and hospitality. Opened to the public who can attend the conferences, free entrance, pre registration is required. The first edition of this event was on 21st May-23rd May 2013.

London travel conferences

WTM: The World Travel market, very famous gathering of the travel industry. For the public in general and also for professionals. This year is held from

Travolution Summit: a day conference about online travel that offers to the attendees: white papers and exclusive case studies on the sector. 

Travel Massive Meet up

Berlin travel conferences

ITB: International conference held in Berlin every year about the travel industry, tourism professionals gather anually, there are conferences and workshops travel related.

Conferences in Europe

Traverse: it is a hands on conference to gain some knowledge in the blogging world, they did the launch of the conference in 19-21st April 2013 in Brighton and it was a success.Meanwhile they are preparing traverse mingle events once every quarter.

TBEX2012 to Tbex Girona. Very useful networking and high standards on my opinion in the content of the keynotes and conferences.

TBU: Is a travel conference held in Europe annually, they areand also doing other meetups around Europe.

Spain travel conferences

TBM: this is the star of travel blogging conferences in Spain, held once a year in a different location. They also do several meetups a year in the most important fairs in Spain about travel: FITUR and SITC. 

FITUR: Is the most important travel conference in Spain held annually in Madrid. We already have dates for 2014, it will be in

Fiturtech: is an innovation an technology forum in tourism that is held during fitur. Very interesting for travel professionals, 3 days of conferences and round tables that talk about different topics related with technology and travel. It is always scheduled in the same dates as FITUR January 22-26th.

Eventoblog: it is an event for social web lovers in Spain, held in Seville annually. 

This is all I could gather about travel conferences/travel blogging in Europe, I am sure I am missing a lot of interesting events you know about, if you do, please comment below so I can include it in the list. All together we can do a useful list of travel conferences.

Check out the full list of travel conferences and date in here.