How do you make the most of a short break? You are planning a short trip somewhere and you want to see it all and take the most of it. Do not make the typical mistakes and have a look at our tips:

Tip #1 Book a hotel near the action

If you are going to spend between 3 and 5 days somewhere you don't want to go up and down the city wasting time going from where the hotel is to the city center or somewhere else. Plan the places you want to visit and choose a hotel in the right place.

Tip#2 Travel light, do not check in bags

Do not check in bags, imagine that you go for a short trip and your bag never arrives...what a pitty, right? Actually if you only pack what is necessary with a cabin luggage you have more than enough. In case you buy some stuff at your destination you can always check in a bag at your return. Packing the bag wisely it is very important, not only for not to drop off luggage but also not to carry unnecessary stuff around.

Tip #3 You cannot see it all: plan what you must see!

You cannot be everywhere, be realistic, you have a certain amount of time to be in your destination. Plan what you must see, those places that you don't want to miss and create a route what to see when being in a certain part of town so you can optimize the visits.

It depends on how you travel, you might want to save some time to sit down and watch people on the streets, go to markets or just be part of the place with their people and improvise.

Tip #4 Transport: the fastest, the shortest and the cheapest transport if possible

Sometimes we do look for the cheapest option of all, but we do not take into account that it might not be the best as it takes time, there are connection flights that waste time...Consider all three things what is cheap, the means of transport that is faster to your destination and also the time you spent. For example, a plane might be the faster way to go to Madrid from Barcelona, but possibly if you take the train the AVE, you will save all the previous time in the airport, you can bring your luggage withour paying an extra fee and leaves you in town. Keep your eyes open for best deals and best options!

Tip #5 Do the homework: check opening times, bring a map and a guide

Is important that you do some tasks before leaving or check before going somewhere the opening times of museums, monuments etc..Depends on what you want to visit you will need to be aware of opening times, as you don't have a lot of time it is better to know which day you can or can't go to that place you want to see.

I will always recommend to bring a map, one printed that you can find on Internet will do, just in case you have no access to a map. You can always save it in your Ipad, smartphone etc...

For me a guide is a must in my bag, I can't go without it, as it is my local friend that shows me around and gives me information about places that I would have never discovered on my own. I encourage to go around the travel book section to discover more.