You have decided to go to Marrakech, and now what? Where do you start? This is a post about the first things you must think about when organizing your trip to Marrakech.

Basic Information

Visa: From Spain I didn't need any visa, just my passport with 6 months from the expiry date at least. If you have any doubts if you need a visa or not, you should ask the Morocco embassy in your country.

Language: In Marrakech they speak french and spanish due to their past. English of course it is spoken but if you speak French it would be a plus as it is the language they learn in high school so more or less everyone knows the language.

Weather: Through the year the average temperature is 20ºC, that makes Marrakech a great destination for months that it might be too cold in other places. I went on December and the temperature was great between 16 and 20ºC, although at night is a bit chilly.

From the airport

Menara airport is 6km far from Marrakech city center. There are not many options to go from the airport to the city, so you either go by bus, on a transfer or by taxi.

The bus exists but if you want my honest opinion I would not consider it an option.

My recommendation is to book a transfer, it is easier, safer and cheaper if you book it with your hotel than being robbed by a taxi driver that knows that you have money, believe me they charge you double when they see the naive look on your face.

If you decide to take a taxi you should not pay more than 100 dirhams for the ride.

If you stay at the Medina and you arrive at night I would say it's a must to book a transfer as on the first day it is quite difficult to know your way to your hotel in the maze of Medina streets.


In Marrakech they use dirhams, they might accept other currencies but it is totally recommended to go with the local currency. It is easy to change in town and also in the hotels. I went with all my homework done and I brought all the dirhams from home. This is your own choice.


Marrakech is quite cheap comparing to european countries, see some examples of prices:

1 euro is around 11 dirhams

  • Cab ride: between 10 and 20 dirhams around the city (less than 2 euros, not bad)
  • A dinner for two: from 120 dirhams
  • Orange juice freshly squeezed: 4 dirhams
  • Visit a monument: from 10 to 50 dirhams per person

Transport: go around the city

To go around the Medina there is no other option than walking around. Take it as an opportunity to explore and get lost around the streets. We walked a lot in Marrakech and then we used the Tourist bus and taxis.

Taxis are a good option to go around and quite cheap, do not expect european taxis, quite dirty and funny. There are two kinds of taxis: the little ones and the big ones. To go around the city the little taxis are just fine, if you would like to visit some place outside Marrakech take the big ones.

You need to arrange the total price of the ride before getting in, although they have a taximeter, they tent to "forget" to switch it on. A lot of people

There are buses but I would not recommend you to use them as they are quite old and crowded so not a pleasant thing to try.

There also calesas, that are the typical carriages with horses, it is a good thing to do to go around. I am not particularly into animals so it was not our thing but I can see it has a typical touch.

Is it dangerous?

Not really, we talked with our hotel manager, a catalan man, the world is so little, and he explained that although the feeling might be that everyone wants to rob you and stab you its just a feeling. Marrakech is very safe, you just need to take the normal precations in a trip, don't leave your belongings unattended.

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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