If you are looking for a unique experience to connect with nature, treehouses hotel in Dos rius called Cabanes als arbres might be the perfect plan for you. They offer accommodation in treehouses, inside the protected Montnegre i el Corredor Natural park that is located between Maresme and Valles Oriental and la Selva.

El Montenegre is over 750 metres high while Corredor reaches 640 metres with a more accessible and lighter relief. Both share vegetation in which holm and cork oak and stone pines prevail.

Nowadays there is a lot more environmental awareness that makes us treat the surroundings with respect and impulse sustainable development as well as sustainable types of accommodation.

The treehouse hotel at Cabanes als arbres is built in harmony with the surroundings, making the rustic cabins blend in with nature, making each cabin unique as it is adapted to the characteristics of the tree without harming them in the process.

There are 8 treehouses in Dosrius, each with its own name coming from a wild mushroom variety, all houses live in harmony with the black pines trunks that hold them. The rooms have a total area of 26m2 and all of them have a terrace with panoramic views of the Montnegre i Corredor natural park.

The treehouse: Molleric


In order to preserve the natural environment where the treehouses are located, the cabins do not have electricity or running water so do not expect to see a shower on your room, neither lamps or plugs to connect your devices. We spent there one night, and we knew what we were signing up for, so we were all prepared for the experience with a battery with 5 charges to plug our mobiles and camera.

You have the opportunity to get closer to nature sleeping on top of the trees, enjoy dinner under the stars if you wish to have it served in the tree house they offer that service -I haven't seen good reviews about it though- and enjoying a nice breakfast into your tree.

For 140 euros per room per night with breakfast, once you get to the reception they give you a basket with a walkie-talkie to communicate with them if you need something -it substitutes the phone-, they give you different lanterns -one for your forehead and another one to keep on your hand-, an ashtray and the rules of the house.

They show you how to get to your tree, in our case, it was 25 minutes walking from the reception. I recommend you to go with comfortable shoes that you won't mind that they get dirty, bear in mind it is a natural park, so expect to get sand in your shoes.

Don't even think about getting there with a cute trolley, I don't think you will make it to the top of your tree and during the climb to your tree, take a little backpack with you so it is comfortable to walk to the cabin and climb to the stairs to the deck.

In the house, you have a chemical toilet and a sink with a bottle of water to wash your hands, your face or your teeth. They also leave a 1.5l bottle of water as you will imagine there is no minibar and if you need something you either need to use the walkie talkie or go down 25 minutes and go up 25 minutes more.

What I found more inconvenient is the path from the reception to the treehouse a steep path that is not illuminated so at night it is a bit scary to go down with only the light of the lantern, I was not that bothered by no electricity or no water as it is one night and it is part of the magic.

The treehouse has a deack with two hammocks to enjoy the surroundings and at night to watch the stars, it is a pretty romantic setting and the fact that there is no internet, no electricity, and no water forces you to talk during long hours and discover one another a bit more.

Our treehouse experience 


Our experience at the treehouse was good in general, although I think it is a one time only experience to try as the magic part is really being alone in a treehouse with your lover. I would recommend spending one night to try, couples are the main target but also couples with children to make them conscious and they offer extra beds in the room.

The deck terrace outside the room was the part I loved the most, it gives you freedom and you can see the nature and surroundings, it is funny how coming from the city you are not used to hearing birds, animals running or the wind going through the leaves at the trees. You get a lot more conscious that you in the middle of the forest but what I liked the most is the fact that it takes you away from all the everyday life distractions leaving you only with the basic needs covered.

Our rate included breakfast and the next morning we woke up early as the light comes in through your windows and you have a basket ready that you need to pull through a rope to bring up the breakfast to the tree house.

The breakfast consists of freshly squeezed orange juice, hot coffee, croissants, bread with cured meats such as ham, fuet and cheese to be enjoyed in your tree house, not bad, uh? As mentioned, there is no shower in the room but in the reception they have western toilets and showers to use, as well as a bar and a car park for free.

Cabins on trees - Cabanes als arbres Dosrius
Veïnat Rimbles s/n
08318 Dosrius-Canyamars (Barcelona)


Dumitru commented over 3 years

Amazing post! I enjoyed it a lot. I'll wait a bit until my kids grow a bit to go with them and disconnect a bit form the city life. I like all the details you are getting in, it gives the sensation that you are there.

Meritxell commented over 3 years in response to Dumitru

Thank you Dumitru! The tree house is an interesting experience to live once at least. I hope you can go with your kids and can share your experience with us!

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